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Accompanying the Dying

Dying Well, Grieving Well  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  15:20
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We learn how to support the dying by looking at how people around Jesus shared the burden of his death

Notes & Transcripts
 2018-02-25 2 Death is a stranger 1 Modern Western society has become a stranger to death The last taboo We’ve become awkward around the dying and the grieving We need to rediscover the Christian art of dying well Rob Moll, The Art of Dying 3 Learning from how Jesus died 1 The “power of death” (Heb 2:14) Alienation from our own bodies Alienation from our communities Alienation from God Some people around Jesus responded to these threats by sharing the burden of his dying Attended to his embodied self Attended to his relational self Attended to his spiritual self 4 Attending to the needs of the body: The gift of service 1 Serving Jesus Mary (Mk 14:3-9) Simon of Cyrene (Mk 15:21) The sponge-bearer (Mk 15:36) Joseph of Arimathea (Mk 15:43-46) For us Hospice nurse: “Much of what the dying and their families need can be given by non- professionals, caring friends, and churches” Meals, notes, rides, respite care 5 Attending to relationships: The gift of presence 1 Being present to Jesus: the women of Jerusalem (Lk 23:27-31) at the Cross (Mk 15:40-41) For us Completing relationships: “Please forgive me” “I forgive you” “Thank you” “I love you” Tell stories Quiet presence 6 Attending to the spirit: The gift of shared prayer 1 Jesus was God-forsaken, and had no spiritual support 1 2018-02-25 His disciples didn’t stay awake to pray with him (Mk 15:37-41) Only recognized by a thief (Lk 23:42) and his executioner (Mk 15:39) For us Read Scripture Sing hymns and songs Pray Help with a life review / story 2
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