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I). SEASON ONE-THE PLUSH, THE GOOD LIFE a). Plush - Magnificant, lush, fancy, grand ON Top o f the World. b). A Great Factor of this Season of Life is: Perception. II). SEASON TWO - THE PIT, Despair, Discouragement, a). Pits are a part of life. b). How do we end up in Pits. c). A Great Factoor of this Season of Lifeis: PERSPECTIVE. III). SEASON THREE - THE PRISON, In Bondage a). Joseph's stint in Prison represents Our being in bondage. b). A Great Factor of this Seaon of Life is : PERSERVERANCE c). God doesn't abandon us during our days IV). SEASON FOUR - THE PALACE. The Places of Purpose a). Joseph finally made it to the Palace b). A Great factor of this Season of Life is: PURPOSE c). Our Purpose doesn't exist in Self-centeredness, bu tto Benefit others. V). CONCLUSION; GOD LOVES YOU AND IS WITH YOU.

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