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The Fallen King - part 1

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- It isn't the thing you do; It's the thing you leave undone, Which gives you a bit of heartache, At the setting of the sun. - The tender word forgotten, the letter you did not write, The flower you might have sent, Are your haunting ghosts tonight. - The stone you might have lifted, Out of a brother's way, The bit of heart some counsel, you were harried too much to say. - The loving touch of the hand, the gentle winsome tone, That you had no time or tho't for, with troubles enough of your own. - The little acts of kindness, so easily out of mind; Those chances to be helpful, which everyone may find. - No, it's not the things you do, it's the thing you leave undone Which gives you the bit of heartache, at the setting of the sun.
What are the repercussions when we are not doing that which we know we should be doing? What kind of consequences when we neglect our duty? What about all of the things the Lord has called us to do for the kingdom. Are we neglecting that? Do you know what commonly happens when we do not do what we are supposed to do? We end up doing what we are not supposed to do. Ever experience this in life? We know we should be out working out, but instead we are at home eating chocolate cake. We know we should have gone to church for bible study, but instead we are watching shows on tv that we should not be watching. We should have spent time in prayer, but instead we are on the phone flirting with your co-worker’s husband. Today we will be looking at what is known as the sins of omission and commission. What can we do? We will find out.
For the past couple of chapters, we have beheld the picture that the author painted showing us the merciful heart of the Hesed king. Our indescribably compassionate king. Oh how he loved and helped Mephibosheth to honor the covenant made with Jonathan. Oh how he loved and honored Hanun to honor the assumed covenant made with Nahash. We saw the merciful heart of the king. Now we will see the sinful heart of the son of Adam. We witness another fall of man. Why we need a better king.
It was springtime in the land of Israel, the time when kings go out to fight, and David sent for Joab. He told Joab to take all of Israel out to fight the Ammonites who shamed and offended David by shaving off half the beards and cutting the robes of his ambassadors and partnering with the Syrians to fight against him. So, Joab and the armies of Israel fought against the Ammonites and destroyed them and took the city of Rabbah. But all the while the king of Israel remained in Jerusalem. But one day, after king David took a nap, he looked out over the city and saw a woman of unusual beauty taking a bath. He sent for someone to find out who she was. It was told to him that it was Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife. Well I need you to bring her to me and when they brought her to David, he slept with her. She had just completed or was completing her purification rights. Bathsheba went home and later sent word to David. She told him, “I am pregnant.” Is it not amazing how contexts give words different meanings? The words I am pregnant can make an entire family rejoice and it can also make an entire family distress. We see a shift in the story. The author shows not the Hesed King, but the Kaw-mad king. The kind king to the lust king. From the ancestor of Christ to the descendant of Adam. Showing why we need a better king.
2 Samuel 11:4-5
2 Samuel 11:4–5 NLT
Then David sent messengers to get her; and when she came to the palace, he slept with her. She had just completed the purification rites after having her menstrual period. Then she returned home. Later, when Bathsheba discovered that she was pregnant, she sent David a message, saying, “I’m pregnant.”
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.
1. The Setting
2. The Sin of Omission and Commission
3. Need a Better King
The first thing we will look at today is the setting of this whole event. Getting the context helps us to understand what took place here. The second thing we will explore is the sins of omission and commission and why understanding it matters to us today. Finally, we will see the reason why we needed a better king. The King of kings.
- Though sin and the deceptions of this world lead us to not doing what we are to do and doing what we are not to do, it is our Lord Jesus, by the power of the Spirit, who will bring both forgiveness and sanctification leading us to both repent and trust in the better king; our King of kings.
I. The Setting
- It was the time for kings to go to war.
A. Springtime was the ideal time to go to the field of battle. Spring was an ideal time. The weather would have been better for the soldiers outside of shelter and the armies, men and horses, could eat the sprouting wheat, barley and fruit in the fields. So for Israel it was wartime as they could easily sustain themselves for a long time as harvest came to the Ammonite fields.
B. Spring was an ideal time. The weather would have been better for the soldiers outside of shelter and the armies, men and horses, could eat the sprouting wheat, barley and fruit in the fields. So for Israel it was wartime as they could easily sustain themselves for a long time as harvest came to the Ammonite fields.
B. The armies of Israel were successful in their campaign. The ammonites were defeated and the city of Rabbah was taken. But the author makes it clear that David remained in Jerusalem. Why is this significant? There is irony.
C. Look, all the other passages concerning the victory that David had, in the recording of battles like this, all ended with “And the Lord gave David victory where ever he went.” It just changed here to “David remained in Jerusalem.” He is setting us up for something here whether we realized it or not. When you were reading this, you might have already felt like something was wrong or different. Maybe it’s just me…
D. The author is showing that David remained, while stating that it was a time for kings to go to war. So why did David stay? It does not really say specifically and many speculate and we are forced to fill in some gaps but not so sure it’s that unclear IMO. It seems that David was at home (while he should have been fighting) playing peeping tom, while all of the fighting men of Israel were out their defending and protecting the people who used to be commanded by the king himself. Essentially, the men are giving up their lives fighting for a king who is at home fornicating with their wives? How could he do this to men who love him?
E. This should bring to mind something very important today. Our armed forces are out their fighting and protecting our country and our people because they all believe that America and its people are worth the lives of our good men and women. Are we still worth the lives of good men and women? Are all our Uriah’s out there fighting for the US while our leaders and citizens are taking advantage of their loved ones at home? Killing and stealing from each other? Please pray that our leaders and citizens of this country will be reminded of this truth that David and all of us learned here today.
II. Sin of Omission and Commission
- Not being or doing what God requires and doing what God forbids.
A. One of the first things we learn here about David’s sin. David neglected his duty. First thing, we see that he was not doing what he was supposed to be doing. He should have been at war and if he was where he was supposed to be, then there is a good possibility that he would not have fallen into sin.
B. John Gill writes, which is observed for the sake of the following history; it would have been well for him if he had gone forth with the army himself, then the sin he fell into would have been prevented.
- The sin of omission will result in the sin of commission. Omission (Not doing what you are supposed to be doing) Commission (Doing what you’re not supposed to do). David did not do his duty. David committed adultery.
C. Therefore, we find that one of the ways we can protect ourselves from sin is to keep ourselves busy doing what it is that we are supposed to do. Many of us have jobs, if you got children, you’re busy. You got things to do. People to see, relatives to help, functions events or if you got nothing, then we are to use our free time doing the work of the kingdom. Yes, the kingdom. There is much to do in the church, ministry, works of mercy, upkeep, tech, art, music, ect. There are lots to do for God.
D. Not keeping busy. Being lazy in life. Hanging out with nothing to do. Bored. Lethargic. Unmotivated. This is when you get yourself in trouble. Not being responsible to get things done. Not doing what you are supposed to be doing. This is how your fall will begin.
- Home alone with nothing to do can lead to pornography and naughtynet. Watching tv shows you should not be watching. My Dad always made us have a destination when we went out with friends… we could not just hang out.
- More specifically, like David. Not going home to care for husband wife or children spending much time with other people can lead to an affair.
- Husbands staying out late with co-workers and not going home could lead to a broken home that you are responsible for. Falling into the sin of the love for money because we are not being generous. Self-indulging because we are not helping the poor. Not doing your duty.
E. When you procrastinate in life. When you become unmotivated. Be too lazy to do anything. Being bored, when there is so much to do. Or not taking responsibility to do what you are called to do. Doing what you’re not supposed to do. Not doing your duty messing around. All of this is the omission. It will lead to commission. Doing the act.
F. When it comes to really bad things that people in the church do, one of the things we think is… hmmm I’ve noticed he has not been around. Many times when a person is not around church anymore, we can almost be sure that something not right is going on. Pretty common. David’s sin began with neglect of duty!
G. And it continues. Second. David neglected a responsible use of kingly power. David abused his power… the palace being on high was not to give him a better view of bathing women. He neglected a responsible use of his power. But do you remember that Samuel warned that the king would abuse his power and be a taker . Uriah and the people of Israel cannot be all that mad about this. They were warned.
- But of course David knew better. But he took advantage, he ordered his servants to bring her to him. Um yeah… Was it to look like it was something that was to be official? He had to power to call anyone he wanted to his court. Did he abuse his power? He was not using his power responsibly. Did he demand her presence and so sent his people to go and get her? David neglected a responsible use of kingly power.
H. Abusing power today? Are we not using the power we have been given responsibly? If we are, it is leading you to sin. It’s just a matter of time.
I. Third. Lust. Technically, you could look at it as a sin of commission here but let’s talk about it as not doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is not supposed to look lustfully upon a woman. He is not supposed to gratify his lustful desires and urges.
James 1:14–15 NLT
Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death.
J. David made provision for his lust and a way to gratify it. He did not look away. He looked lustfully upon Bathsheba, when he should have done like it says in Job that Job made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully upon a woman. Our eyes have got to be put in check. Eve saw that the fruit was desirous. We desire to look don’t we. When we are told not to look, many times what do we want to do? David saw her taking a bath. What are we looking at today? What do we desire to see?
K. What are we watching? Is it good for us? We have to be honest today. Who are we looking at? What are we looking at? It sometimes comes through the eyes family. Especially men. Pornography is not a billion-dollar industry for nothing. Advertising is not a trillion-dollar industry for nothing. Men tend to be moved by what we see, whereas women tend to be moved by what they feel. But women your eyes will get you too. Do not be deceived. Family, your eyes! Guard your eyes.
L. The world wants to be looked at. It moves you. It takes from you. Did Bathsheba desire to be looked at? Was she at fault in some way? We do not know for sure from the text, but it is shown by many psychologists that men lust and women desire to be lusted after. Hmmm… maybe we see this working at the beach. When I go these days I look at my feet a lot. Thank the Lord I need glasses, when I take um off I no can see nothing. Some of the swimsuits … I mean really? Is that really necessary?
M. Women hear me. Do not believe the world’s methods of attraction. If you desire to attract a man by sensuality and sex, then you are asking for trouble when the wrong kinds of men come. My good friend Ernest wisely says, Love is when the person likes what is good in you. Lust is when a person likes what’s bad in you. I love it!
N. David neglected his duties. He abused his power as king. And he was overcome with lust. And all of the omission (not doing what you are supposed to do). Let to the sin of commission (Doing what you are not supposed to do). Adultery happened.
O. And the irony here shown by the author gives us another example of the insanity of sin. The author showed us how Bathsheba committed adultery right after she spent time doing her purifying rituals after her menstruation cycle. Her purifying rituals. She was doing all that she needed to follow the law, do to be pure and did then did what was impure. Sin became realized and it gave birth to death. This is why we come and worship the Lord on Sunday giving praise from our lips and walking to the car in the parking lot start cussing out your husband or wife. I heard it many times.
P. David fell into a horrible sin. His sin brought more sin. And things get worse and worse. What happened? Things changed here in the book.
III. Need a Better King
- Because we are weak and helpless.
A. Wait Shane what are we supposed to do here? You said that we need to see David as a picture of Christ in the kingdom. Are we supposed to look at David as Christ here? Well not here, but for the rest of the book we will see Christ continued to be glorified. Yes. Glorified. Even with all that is about to happen.
B. For the rest of the book we will not see David as the ancestor of Christ but the descendant of Adam. God’s chosen king, though a man after God’s own heart, one who receives the covenant, one who God has established a glorious kingdom, one who was the Hesed king, is still a son of Adam and therefore sinful. Even though he is a child of God and regenerated by the Holy Spirit, he still struggled with sin. He still has weakness, he is still unrighteous before God, he is not able to protect us from all of our enemies. He is not perfect. What we will now see is that we need a better king.
C. We need one that will obey the Lord perfectly. One that is truly righteous. One that can defeat our enemy called sin. One that can crush the head of the Devil. One that will bring us a final victory over all enemies. One that will give life in darkness. One that can protect all of us from the wrath of God. One that will bring us to the table of the Lord. One that will cause us to be children of God. This is the kind of king that we need. We need a better king than the son of Adam, David, we need the Son of God, Jesus.
D. We have a better king. One who came to seek and save that which was lost. We have salvation today, because of our better king. We like David are descendants of Adam and fall into our own horrible sins. We cannot sit here today and think that we are any better than David and Bathsheba. We commit adultery and maybe not with our spouses, but we commit adultery against God in our hearts. David is great but Christ is better.
E. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God. Yes, all of us. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. David receives forgiveness and redemption from the Lord and we will find it in Christ and in Christ alone. Jesus died for David’s sin just like he did for ours. Jesus died for our sins according to the scriptures and he was buried and he was raised on the 3rd day according… The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance that Christ Jesus…
F. Today trust in the Lord. Repent of your sins and have faith in Christ the Son of the living God or better king. There is forgiveness for you and the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom and strength to overcome the insanity of sin and its devastating effects.
1 John 2:16–17 NLT
For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world. And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.
H. Because of our King the Son of God. We have a better kingdom, the kingdom of God. He will cause us to do the will of God. We will abide forever.
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