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Preparing for this years vision through prayer and fasting

Notes & Transcripts | Handout

I. Why – Matt: 16a – When you fast

A. Assumes it is already something we do
B. Jesus fasted –
2. It is an essential part of ministry
3. Reminds us who is the Lord
a. Brianna wanted to move out
b. Reminded her that she relied upon us
A. Jesus fasted –
a. Where God takes us He will succeed
2. Important to bring flesh into obedience
a. Satan wants to use it to distract you
b. Have to have control on our bodies
c. (IF Cody is here, rebuke)
B. Prep for ministry –
ii. Going vegetarian
3. Used it for strength
a. Realize it isn’t me but God
B. Prep for ministry –
a. it is going to succeed
b. Have to be confident
i. Jesus responses
ii. No doubts
2. We are just the tools He uses
3. Anytime we start something big
a. Going to be opposing forces
b. Stick to it and KNOW
4. Ready to do His will

II. Always accompanied by Prayer – 16b – 18a

A. It is about Him
B. Pray for each other –
b. Jesus in the Garden
B. Pray for each other –
C. Focus our fasting on the vision –
C. Focus our fasting on the vision –
b. We are like minded
c. Everyone wants to heal and grow
2. All hands-on deck
a. Can’t have sideliners
b. Everyone is in the game
c. No “A” and “B” teams
i. basketball here
3. The battle is real
a. People are dying and going to hell
b. Is any of that my fault
i. pray that it is never so
c. Pray for strength and vision
d. Pray for my hands and feet to move
C. Focus our fasting on the vision –

III. How to prep – 18b

a. Turn our hearts toward Him
2. Help write the vision on my heart and mind
a. So I see it wherever I go
d. Don’t get distracted
c. Don’t make mistakes
III. How to prep – 18b
A. Sheet in Bulletin
B. Victory in ministry –
2. Do not take this lightly
3. Just between you and God
4. Reminder of your commitment
D. Victory in ministry –
1. We want to be victorious
a. For the Lord
b. For the Lost
c. For each other
2. Do not do this for yourselves
a. For the kingdom
b. We need you
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