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U Mad Jonah?

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We should always celebrate when God saves.

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Our God saves,...

God can save anyone, but it’s up to us to tell them.
skit about delivering bad news, or ask students to share a funny story about a time they had to give someone bad news
Jonah gives the Ninevites bad news.
Read 3:1-4
He preaches his message of destruction coming on the city. “In 40 days Nineveh will be destroyed!” get into the crowd and play this up some
Maybe this is what he literally said, maybe it’s a summary, but the gist is he told them God was going to judge them for their evil.
Knowing what we know about Jonah, how do you think he preached this message?
There is bad news in the Gospel. The Gospel is offensive. When you tell someone they are headed for hell, it’s generally not received well at first!
The message to someone who doesn’t believe it is, “You’re a bad person and someone had to be killed because of it!”
1 Corinthians 1:18 HCSB
For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but it is God’s power to us who are being saved.
It has to be offensive though. There are some people and churches that try to remove the offense.
They try to not talk about sin, but...
They try to not talk about the cross, but...
We have to tell people of the offense so they can understand and receive their forgiveness. This isn’t easy.
a few examples of difficult situations to share the Gospel
Some people will stay offended and say no. Some will do what the Ninevites did and turn and repent.
3:5, 10
God can save even the most awful people. And you have to give God the credit for this! Look at the situation...
Jonah’s preaching
Jonah’s message
Who Jonah was
Who the Ninevites were
And still, the city was saved. Like Jonah said in his prayer, “Salvation is from the Lord!”
This should let you breath a huge sigh of relief! It’s not up to you! It’s not about if you know enough. It’s not about if you are persuasive enough to make someone believe you.
Salvation is God’s. Telling people about salvation is ours.
So when it comes to sharing the Gospel with others, you don’t have to worry, “What if I fail?” because the only way you can fail is to not do it!
I know that we’ll still be nervous to do it, worried about another person’s reaction to what we tell them. I know I still get nervous and anxious about these things. But really, we shouldn’t. That’s not our responsibility. Our responsibility is to share and the see what God does.
And that’s what Jonah does.

if that upsets you then your heart is confused.

Jonah literally goes up on a hill to watch and see what God does, but he prays a really sad prayer first.
Read 4:1-5
So Jonah still isn’t quite right.
Remember a few years ago when Kanye thought he was supposed to decide who won VMA awards? … T Swift and Beck
Everyone is celebrating a joyous occasion and he wants to yell at the people in charge and tell them he doesn’t like it. Jonah kind of reminds me of that here.
God has just saved a city, but Jonah is mad about it. He sits up there to watch hoping that the Ninevites will show that they were still the same awful people, or that God would say, “Ha, psych! Fire from the sky!”
If you ever get frustrated when you see people blessed by God, or when God saves someone, then you have some things you need to deal with your self before worrying about them.
I want to confess something to y’all. Sometimes I will Facebook stalk people from high school. People that I wasn’t friends with, they were just acquaintances. Just to say what they ended up doing, who they married, where they ended up. That kind of thing. No harm in that. But sometimes I will look up people I didn’t like in high school. People that got on my nerves, people that were jerks, and I kind of, not really hope, but expect to see them a certain way, not the greatest circumstances, clearly made some mistakes with their life. If I find them not in the situation, sometimes I think “oh, good for them”, sometimes I think “Hm, that’s surprising”. There was one guy that picked on my in middle school and I remember I looked him up and saw that he was doing alright and I remember realizing that I had a real feeling of disappointment. And I realized something was wrong with me. That was sin in my heart, pride, selfishness, unforgiveness.
Matthew 6:15 HCSB
But if you don’t forgive people, your Father will not forgive your wrongdoing.
We should forgive others and we should rejoice when others receive God’s forgiveness. Really the more evil someone is, the more we should rejoice when they are saved because what a testimony that is to the Lord!
But Jonah isn’t getting it, so God tries to help him figure it out.
Read 4:6-11
recap the story
God says, “These are people! They’re my creation! If you won’t care about them, at least care about the cows!”
We don’t know what Jonah does, but we know what happens when God sends another messenger to tell people to turn to God.
Jesus said, “Forgive the Father” as He was being crucified. We have all done wrong to Him, sinned against him, treated him horribly, but he still forgives us if we turn to Him. This is the Gospel. This is the news we carry to everyone, even those who have been terrible to us.
When we’ve received his forgiveness and felt his mercy, we should want to do that for others.
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