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Moses' veil lifted by Christ's glory

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“What Was Moses Hiding?”

The Glorious gift of the Law of God shown brightly.
The Law is reflective of God’s holiness
complete obedience to it would produce a righteousness which would shine with the glory of God.
Moses, as the giver of the Law, shone with it’s glory not because he was holy but because It reflected God’s holy presence and will.
The matter was so significant that Moses placed a veil upon his face when he was not speaking from it.
The fact that the people could not bear to look at him was due to the killing power, the condemnation of the commandments which Moses spoke. This is what the veil sought to show. To stare directly at the Law of God was to be destroyed by it. It would also serve to remind them that this was not the end of the story. There was more to come!
The law announced that “There is none who do good no not one!” The veil is placed upon Moses after he was done giving the Law to Israel. No one would see or wear the glory of God fully through the Law’s obedience. Moses was hiding the better and brighter glory would come to all believers through Jesus in the Gospel.

The fact that the eyes could not endure this glory was due to the death, the killing power, the condemnation of the commandments which Moses spoke

The righteousness of God would have to be obtained another way.
Jesus ministry was to obtain the righteousness of God through perfect obedience to God. This is what the transfiguration showed.
Jesus is transfigured and shines brightly in the glory of God. He gazes upon Moses without the veil because he was holy by the Law’s own proclamation and He glowed with the glory of God.
it is this holiness that is given to us in baptism through the forgiveness obtained for us on the cross.
This holy reflection of God’s perfect righteousness is now given to us and we are to shine with it in all its glory for the world to see.
for some the veil will remain in place either because we fail to live up to their calling (How tragic is that?) and they choose to remain in the hardness of their hearts.
but for all the rest, we will see the glory of the Lord shining in the lives of his children.
Does the veil of Moses still remain for you?
Are you living to be justified by the Law of God?
thinking that you are less needy of the forgiveness Jesus died to obtain for you than say your neighbor?
finding fault with everyone else but you? Quick to judge the inadequacy of others while extolling the redeeming virtues of your own life?
For these kind of people the veil remains. There is only one way the veil is lifted.
repent and receive from Jesus your forgiveness and justification.
do all to the glory of God for the sake of his redeeming love.
Conclusion: Let you light shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. May the Love of Jesus shine brightly in all of us. Amen.
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