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Tis a Gift to be Simple (#Stuff Week 4)

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People love bells and whistles. It seems like every day I go into town or to a store I am amazed with some of the stuff a person can buy, and how borderline ridiculous some of the features of these products are. Here are some of my favs....


If Satan can’t make you doubt, he will make you busy
What if all of the “stuff” the bells, whistles, gadgets, and toys do nothing but distract us from the things God has called us to?
All of our stuff takes time, energy, and effort. Sometimes we allow our lives to get so crowded that we miss the point of life all together. There are so many stories of people who have seen their marriages, their relationship with their kids, or their relationship with God deteriorate because of “stuff.” I gotta get on the lake because I just bought that boat- I know I should spend some time with my wife, but those golf clubs are calling my name- let’s skip church and go shopping today.

God is not a “Feature”

We are complex people, but God is not a “part” of our existence; God is THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE

“Stuff” takes time, energy, and focus

What if we considered the effects on our relationship with Christ, and our witness to the world when acquiring stuff?
This is one of the holes in the prosperity Gospel
A large portion of the church has become obsessed with the prosperity Gospel. You know, the teaching that seems to suggest that God’s desire is that we would all be rich, beautiful, and unconditionally happy.
Here’s the problem- Jesus was a lower middle class carpenter, and the Bible tells us that there was nothing about Jesus’ stature that would make him look desirable.

Sometimes, the best gifts are simple

Simple gifts remind us of the heart
Sometimes we can all get so caught up looking for the big, extravagant gifts that we miss the little things- not just the simple gifts that God gives us, but the simple gifts we have to give to God and one another.
Its the jar of oil the widow gave Elisha
Its the 5 loaves and 2 fish
Its the donations of Paul’s early churches
These small gifts have developed into paramount stories of faith.

Dig Deeper

What is the best “simple gift” someone has given me?
What is one “simple gift” God has given me today?
What is one “simple gift” I can give to someone else this week?
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