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1. Church Merge and Message Series

If you don’t already know, our two churches are looking into merging together into one church. So, Thomas and I wanted to start meeting together more often and such. When he approached me this week asking if we wanted to get together again I said well, I am going to start a series of messages on the Gospel to prepare my students to go out and spread the gospel, pray for the community and serve the community. We thought it would be a good idea to do this together.

2. The Spark of Youth

There is a certain spark that is ignited in the church when the students, the younger generation, the youth get up and do something. I say a lot that I am disappointed with the church here in America because I think we are lazy Christians. So when youth become zealous for the Gospel, for prayer, for service, it comes as somewhat of a surprise to the church body. But the spark will soon light a fire.
When I was your age there was a time where I became very zealous for the Gospel.
Tell the story of Tim and I
The more Tim and I became zealous for the Gospel we had ideas of what the church is doing wrong and how she could correct it. But we were met with “That’s cute.” We were discouraged from going out and spreading the good news. There was no one to train us. And this may be what you guys run into; which is why I want to share with you this verse:
1 Timothy 4:12 ESV
Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.
We should be setting an example for the adults in church of good speech, practice, love, faith and purity. Which is why it is essential for us to understand the Gospel and the change it brings to our lives. That being said tonight I want to talk about the Gospel.
That being said tonight I want to talk about the Gospel. We get the gospel wrong

3. Gospel Change

We get the gospel wrong.
We think its just this message of salvation and that it stops there. But the Gospel is so much more! It brings radical change to our lives!
When Jesus came and spread the Gospel we are told in the Bible that he said, “Repent and believe! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” I want us to focus on the word repentance


Repentance means to turn around.
It means to change our mind about God and to change our mind towards God. When we come to saving faith in Jesus we are repenting and repentance leads to a total and radical life change. It changes the way we think about God, the way we live for him, the way we talk to our friends, the way we learn, the way we are!

Changing Your World

The Gospel doesn't just save you, it changes your world.
When we turn away from our sin and turn towards God, the Gospel begins to change our lives and our world. That is my challenge to you this week. Change your world. When I say your world, I mean your direct sphere of influence: Your family, friends, classmates, teammates, teachers, your school, etc. The more and more we turn towards God the more it changes everything around us.
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