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James 4:1-6  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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The War Within Ourselves

James is speaking to us about the infighting amongst fellow Christians. Have you not heard that most people that leave the Church leave it because another member of the Church hurt them? The statistics are staggering I am sure. There is envy of another leader in the church, there is favoritism, there is just plain unhealthy heart conditions. We are the adulteresses for we have been unfaithful, we have been filled with pride, and envy often seeps from our pores. Our inner lusts and desires for pleasure make us step into battle against one another and more importantly against God - for when we are allowing ourselves to be ruled by our envy and pride we are living in conflict with the righteousness of God. James reminds us that all we need to do is to ask not for our desires to be fulfilled but for our legitimate needs to be fulfilled by God.
When we are battling against each other we are confirming that we are living with the world and often our prayers indicate our worldly living. If we want something, the right way to get it is to ask God; but he will search our motives. Greedy grabbing and God’s gracious giving are opposites.


If you keep a prayer journal; look back and see where your prayers are focused on. Are they me focused, we focused or God focused?
Are your prayers to God made as an afterthought? Are you praying as if He is your spiritual Santa Claus? or are those prayers made with a heart that is full of right motives?
Now consider the people whom you go to church with. Is there envy in your heart, bitterness or jealousy? Have you treated another Christian wrongly? If so pray over the situation and ask God how you can heal those hurts and remove from you any ill will that might remain.
I challenge you to start a journal if you haven’t yet. Be mindful of your prayer life and your motives for each prayer. Next to your prayer jot down the true motive so that you can remain free from presenting petitions before God that are not based on legitimate needs.
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