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The Temptation to Return

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After the resurrection the disciples didn't know where to go. They returned to what they knew how to do. Jesus had a plan for them.

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Jesus Appears to His Disciples ()

Jesus had appeared to his disciples two times after his resurrection.
The last time that he appeared to his disciples was when Thomas was present and was able to see and touch Jesus.
We don’t know how many days had gone by until Jesus appeared to them again but we can say that a couple of days had gone by because the disciples were in Jerusalem when Jesus appeared to them.
says that Jesus appeared to them the third time and it was in the Sea of Tiberias (Sea of Galilee - northern Israel)
It was possible that after seeing Jesus the last time they thought to themselves, now what?

They went fishing

The disciples went fishing

Before knowing Jesus most of them were fishermen
they had dropped their nets and boats to follow Jesus
they were committed to following Jesus
They lost their purpose
now that Jesus had resurrected and apparently absent the disciples had lost their sense of calling
they had walked with Jesus for about 3 1/2 years, now what are they going to do? What would they live off?
Apparently they hadn’t considered continuing what Jesus had started.
Peter surely didn’t feel worthy to represent Jesus
They didn’t know where to start, how to start, not even where to start.
they didn’t feel equipped, so they went to do what they knew how to do before - fishing and they were in the same place where they had left their nets to follow Jesus ()
But these men had received a different calling - Jesus would use their fishing skills to learn how to reach people for the kingdom.
Are you doing something different than what you were not called to do?
Maybe you are in a job that is holding you back, maybe you’re in a career that isn’t fulfilling, maybe you’re in a relationship that is stopping you from giving 100% to God.
God’s call doesn’t always mean leave your job or your career, or a relationship, but if those things have come in between you and God’s call?
You may have left your nets in order to follow Jesus, you have walked with Jesus, but after a period of apparent silence from God, you have felt that you no longer are called, we begin to doubt and in a moment (days, weeks, etc) wonder if we should go back to how it was before.
I’m not talking about leaving Jesus completely, I’m talking about being believers, being disciples, being excited about ministry, learning about God, your faith increases but then in an apparent moment of silence we wonder if we should just sit this season out.
You’re not abandoning the Lord, but you may be abandoning his best for you.
Ministry (serving the Lord through sharing God’s love - proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus) is the antidote to apostasy.
Many read and pray, but if no ministry is taking place, it’s incomplete. If you don’t have anyone to share with we become prideful about our knowledge of the Scriptures and our spirituality.

Jesus at the beach ()

Couldn’t catch anything without Jesus’ help.
Jesus is teaching them that they would still be fishers of men (future generation). The second generation of converts cannot be reached by human means, He would still lead the work.
Only this way would they gather such a great harvest.
The number of fish represent that his work would succeed.

The Disciples meet Jesus ()

Peter is excited to see Jesus
Peter is ashamed to talk to Jesus
Peter, the one who always spoke out of turn suddenly is mute.
The sons of thunder, who liked to fight were suddenly quite.
Jesus is reaffirming their call to ministry, in the same place where he had called them before.
It’s not a new call, it’s a confirmation of their calling.
It’s a renewed invitation to be fishers of men
Jesus does it with a meal - a communion service - Jesus “took the bread” and gave it to them ()
They didn’t feel worthy to share in this meal (they felt partly to blame for the crucifixion)

Peter’s Confirmation ()

Compare with
Fire (ἀνθρακιά) - Peter denied Jesus next to the burning fires. Under much pressure Peter denies Jesus 3 times.
He didn’t want to be identified as being one of the 12
He heard the rooster crow
He saw Jesus face and was afraid
He realized he wasn’t so strong as he thought
He wasn’t so spiritual as he thought
His promise to never deny Jesus was empty.
Where have we denied Jesus?
For Peter, it was a crucial moment. A time when his faith was tested. It had to do with his identity. He could identify with Jesus as long as Jesus was healing, preaching and famous.
For Peter, he was willing to cut someone’s head off, but couldn’t face the pressure of having to identify with a Messiah who had just been arrested.
Fire (ἀνθρακιά) -
ἀνθρακιά) -
Jesus prepares a BBQ using “fire” (coals) to cook
This was take two for Peter. The scene looked similar
Jesus was setting the scene for the results to be different this time.
Amazing Grace - Jesus wanted to heal Peter
He wanted the memory of the courtyard weeks ago would not be the memory that defined him.
Jesus wanted Peter to have a memory of the grace, love and forgiveness of God.
Do you love me Peter? agape/fileo response (2x); fileo/fileo (1x)
Peter, a proud man, and Jesus is helping him to put his pride aside.
Jesus insists in finding true feelings y motives from those who love him.
He does this in front of the other disciples to see that Peter has repented and that Jesus is confirming this call.
Commitment to Jesus is a commitment to the church
Peter’s Destiny (John 21:18-19)
The kind of death
What about him ()
Still has pride
“I’m confirmed, what about John?”
I’m forgiven, what about them
What is that to you? Follow me
 - Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.
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