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God Uses Sickness to Reveal A Healer!

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Jesus shows himself to be God's Son through two miraculous kinds of healing.

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God Uses Sickness To Reveal A Healer

Introduction: One of the things I do most often in my ministry is visit the sick. Nobody likes to be sick but have you ever wondered what sickness can teach you? If our bodies were truly perfect we could not become sick. Germs would have no effect upon us. So one of the first things that sickness teaches us is that we are sinners and our bodies are subject to every kind of ailment and disease.

1. When standing next to Jesus why does sin seem to manifest itself so readily?

first, in all kinds of physical sickness, from paralysis, to leprosy, from genetic conditions to contagions, all are a direct result of sins’ affect upon mankind and nature. There is a stark contrast between the holiness of Jesus and the ugliness of sin.
When we are sick we become weaker and in need of healing. The Lord has given us doctors and medicine to help in our struggle against illness however we are never truly healed from the affects of sin upon our lives.
Dr. Charles Mayo, of the Rochester, Minn. clinic, early adopted the ancient physician Galen’s motto: “I bound his wounds, but God healed him.”

2. God reveals Jesus to be the healer of sin and its affects upon us.

In our text, God’s Son is remarkably compassionate with the people in Judea beginning with Peter’s Mother-in-law. Notice how quickly the sickness disappears at Jesus’s command.
Because Jesus is God and has clearly revealed himself as a healer of men, the people flock to him! And , as is typical of our loving Savior, he heals every one of them from their physical ailments.

3. Jesus is shown to Be God’s Son by the way He heals not just the body but the soul as well. He is a spiritual healer too.

Those who were possessed by evil spirits were cured as well. It is not coincidental that Satan rears his ugly head in the midst of Jesus ministry.
But Jesus came to heal us completely and restore us back to a perfect relationship with His Father through his suffering and death on the cross.

Conclusion: God, in his wisdom uses sickness in our life to reveal the perfect healer to us. Our sins are forgiven and although sickness and disease do take their toll upon us, we have nothing to fear from them because we will live forever with our one true healer, Jesus. The Bible says, “By His wounds, we are healed.”

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