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King of Righteousness

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Now we have been walking through The Book of Hebrews for some time now. As we have mentioned throughout this series that the sole purpose of this Letter, is to show the preeminence of Jesus Christ, to show the superiority of Jesus to the Hebrew Christians in the early church. However as we have seen this letter which is more like a written sermon is so applicable to us today. The letter was written to encourage these believers and solidify their faith in Jesus was far better than their religious traditions. Those religious affections that the Jews clung to paled in comparison to Jesus and the New Covenant that He established. All of the Jewish religious traditions and entrenchments is second to Christ, and we learned that our religious affections pales in comparison as well.
.Today our text is no different. The author will again show Jesus superiority over the levitical priesthood, the priesthood seen in the times of Moses and Aaron. We have a lot to cover this morning so lets get right to our Text. Open up your bibles and turn to . As always I will be reading from the New King James Version of the Bible.


First we must ask the question “Who is Melchizedek? And why should I Care?”
The Bible and the author of Hebrews places great importance upon this man - ,
His calling and Life were unique - “Priest of The Most High”, and vs 3 No other record of his gemology, birth or death
The Bible intertwines his life closely with Jesus - Melchizedek is seen as a TYPE of Christ, Which means his life points to Jesus in a unique way. Almost making him a living prophecy. Types are seen all throughout the bible and everyone point some way to Jesus life. The heroes of Bible history are not meant to be studied to look at the particular man or women but how their lives point to Jesus. Melchizedek points to Jesus his life is a foreshadow of the messiah.
Again so what? what does a type of christ matters to me?
Gives us a great understanding and insight into Jesus role in our lives - I mean if Melchizedek’s life can point to Jesus maybe mine can as well
Gives us great insight into God’s overall redemptive plan - You see its not just the personal aspect of salvation but the broarder aspect of God’s amazing grace seen throughout history, Melchizedek, moses, david, ruth, Jayson, rebahka, Leon
And it proves unity of the holy scriptures tying in the old and new testaments.

Observations from our text

His Name vs 1 it is a unique name points to Jesus
Melchizedek name is translated in the text as “King of Righteousness”
it is taken from 2 Hebrew words Meh-lek = king
and Tseh-dex =Righteousness
It is interesting that Jesus is tied closely to this man. in Hebrew custom names were a sacred thing. The Hebrew people knew the Messiah was to be a king, the problem was they were looking for a physical king they were wanting a king to free them from Roman oppression. They were needing a redeemer first No doubt Jesus is the true King of Righteousness and the King will return as we read in the book of revelation. Just like the Hebrews we need a Lamb before a King but make no mistake the king is coming
Another observation we see
2. His Roles points to Jesus vs 1-3 Melchizedek was a kingly priest. This is totally unique and unheard. The establishment of the Levitical priesthood during the times of Moses prohibited the priest hold two roles. Melchizedek predates moses of course and the establishing the levitical priesthood so during his time there were no restrictions. How does this point to Jesus, well the author already makes it clear that Jesus is greater than any earthly priests in fact he makes it clear there is no need for any earthly priest. Also Jesus linage is that of a kingly linage through the line of David. The book of Mark we have the account of Bartimaeus mark 10:46-52 “Jesus son of David have mercy on me” Melchizedek’s life points to Jesus because he is also a kingly priest
a. vs1 we see Melchizedek as King of Salem - Jerusalem which is awesome just to think about that fact
b. Priest of the Most High God - Theos not the personal name Yahweh. The levitical priesthood was more personal for God’s chosen people, yet Melchizedek was priest not just for one people group his was more general He was a priesthood that encompassed the Godhead. His was more universal. This of course points to Jesus in many was , Jesus atonement is not limited to nothing
3. His Importance - What distinguishes over the levitical priesthood, over the priesthood we seen set up during the times of moses vs 4-10
a. His priesthood was royal
b. His priesthood was righteous and peacful
c. His priesthood was personal and not hereditary
d. His prieshood was eternal
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