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Open Doors

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Let’s make a deal

Game show—Let’s make a deal
Host calls contestants up to the front to play
Game is very simple to understand, but very difficult to play—all they have to do is make a choice.
Here’s a typical scenario: There are three large curtains in front of the stage
Host to constestant: “I have a deal for you. I will give you $500, or you can take whatever is behind curtain #1”
Behind the curtain could be a new car, or it could be a “Zonk” (show picture of a Zonk)
The contestant says, “I’m going to take curtain #1”
Host says, “Ill give you $1000 to not take curtain #1”
Host may up the ante a couple more times. If the contestant insists, they will open the curtain.
Behind that curtain could be a Zonk, something completely made up and useless
If so, the contestant loses everything and goes home empty handed with nothing but memories
Or it could be something valuable
Like a vacatiion package or a car or
All through this scenario, you can see the contestants agonizing over their decisions:
“They just gave the last contestant a zonk. Would they do it twice in a row?”
“Do I really need the money?”
“Am I willing to go all in for the potential of huge rewards, or do I stay safe and take what I know I can get..this money that Wayne is holding?”
Obviously, you see all results:
Some go big and win big
Some go big and lose big
Some go small and win small
Others go small and still lose
Life is full of choices and opportunities
The reality is that our life choices many times are much more serious than “Will I win a new car or not?”
They include questions like, “Where will I live? What will I do for a living? Whom shall I marry?”
Some choices might even have life and death implications to them.
But most of our choices are more common “everyday” sorts of choices…hundreds or thousands of them that we make every day.
It’s those choices that we make and how we make them that tend to define the quality of life that we live.
Perhaps you feel like a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal”
You feel like your choices are kind of a gamble.
“I could stay safe and take what is in front of me”
A couple of weeks ago we visited the Church of Philadelphia in Asia Minor
Jesus said to them “I have the keys to the house of David. What I open, no one can shut, and what I shut, no one can open. I have set before you an open door!”
Literally, an openeddoor. One that has been intentionally opened in front of you.
I shared with you what we talked about at Leadership Retreat
Recognizing opened doors
Recognizing God’s will
Reasons why we don’t go through opened doors
How do we respond when doors that we hope will open, don’t actually open?
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