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Personal references to covering:

Ex 33:22

Why is it necessary for God to cover Moses, one of the most righteous men in the Bible? Why should he be hidden when God showed himself to him? One day every one of us is going to see the glory of the Lord. Don’t you know that the glory of the Lord could destroy us unless we were covered. Like a million volts it could destroy us.

Is 51:16

Before God fulfills his purpose, He takes his hand and covers this one. His hand is a shadow. He is covered.

Is 49:2

Covering again

Ps. 91:1, 4

Ps. 61:4

The covert is the covered place. That which thy wings covers. (shelter)

Deut. 33:12 The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety.

Is. 61:10 covered me with a robe of righteousness

Ps. 140:7 Thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.

These are a number of vv.  That deal with this matter of covering personally.



Ex. 26 :7 Every thing in the tabernacle was symbolic. It was a pattern.

26:13,14 White, blue, scarlet interwoven curtain. Above that was the ram skins died red, and above that the seal skins. ???

Numbers 4:5-14 every bit of the tabernacle has to be covered.

II Chron. 5:7-8 cherubim covered the ark. Why did the wings of the cherubim cover the ark? They were so amazing. They covered it end to end. 3 different places in scripture talks of the cherubim covering the ark.

Glory of the Lord

Ex 24:15,16

The cloud covered the mount and the glory of the Lord covered Mt. Sinai. Moses entered the midst of the cloud.

It is interesting this connection between the glory of the Lord and something covering it. We see it repeated over and over. For instance 40:34 when the tabernacle was erected. Cloud covered the tabernacle, but the glory of the Lord filled the actual place.

Numbers 9:15,16

Is 4:5-6 The Lord will create over the whole habitation a cloud. Over all the glory shall be spread a covering.

Cherubim are a symbol. They represent something. They have wheels within wheels. Different faces from each side. They have wings, but only use one pair to fly. They have eyes all over.

It is symbolic of the glory of God that is in them.

Is. 6;1-3 One pair for covering the face, one for covering the feet, and one pair for flying. Every one of these has real meaning. It tells us how wings are used and not used. There is a meaning.

Ez. 28: 14 Speaking of Satan.  One of the only 2 references as to how sin began.

The anointed cherub that covered.

One of the most mysterious references in the Bible.

The devil originally had a position in God’s colony to do with worship and to do with covering. What does it all mean?

There are 3 Hebrew words used in the O.T. for this matter of covering. One means to conceal or to hide. It is the most common.

The second means to enclose or to hedge in. The anointed cherub that hedged in.  Ex 33

Isaiah – cover thee with my hand means to conceal thee

3rd not used as often: To protect or overlay as a larger bird does its young.

Obviously then, this word covering speaks of protection, safety, of security.

Simple NT language it means to be in Christ. This little phrase is used over 200 times in the NT alone. If you look at Phil. 1:1

We believe into Christ when we are saved. We have been put into Christ. That is the shelter where God has put us. Every single child of God has been placed in Christ by God through faith in His son. That is our position.

3 Matters that we associated with this: The name of the Lord Jn 14:13 not just tack onto our prayers a little charm. In Jesus name, but unless the facts behind the use of that name are right it is of no avail. What does it mean? 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs are in Lance Lambert. They are in me. These fingers can say that they can speak to you in the name of Lance Lambert. But your fingers can’t speak on my behalf.

When we come to the Father is Jesus’ name, we come in Him. We have a right to His name.

The blood of Jesus Christ. You can’t repeat the blood of Jesus and live in disobedience. If Satan knows that there is disobedience in your life then He can get a foot hold. Just saying the blood of Jesus as if by referring to the blood of Jesus you can take Satan. On. You must be living under the blood of the lamb, and then you can say “In the blood of Jesus” and there will be power.  And there is peace in your conscience immediately.

Justified fully through calvary’s blood.

I John 1:7 There is an if. If we walk in the light as he is in the light. If we don’t walk in the light with God and with one another, then the blood of Jesus Christ doesn’t go on cleansing. If we confess our sins then He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. If God says it is sin then I say it is sin.

The righteousness of Christ. Phil. 3:   That I may be found in him not having a righteousness of my own, but having a righteousness that is in Christ.

To be covered means that we can speak in the name and act in the name of Christ. We are robed in His righteousness.

“Abide in Me.” Jesus used this phrase over and over again. Jn 14-16

That is your place of covering. That is where you are secure and protected.

Col. 3:3 Our life is hid with Christ in God. That is covering

We have the armor, but do we wear it. Or are there times when our mind can be attacked?  Because we don’t have the helmet on?

Your loins. If there is any unreality in life we feel loose.

Do you know Christ as reality?

Breastplace of integrity it is over the heart.

Feet shod with good shoes. What are the shoes? Peace. You can’t keep in the will of god without peace. Let the peace of God rule in your heart.

Shield of faith. The thing you can move about when the fiery darts come.

Complex and vast matter.

What does it mean when we get uncovered?

I cor. 11:30 tells us how weakness and sickness can happen, even death by being uncovered.

How do you get uncovere?

The best thing to do is to continue abiding. You don’t have to fight to stay covered. You are there. All you have to do is stay where God has put you. But when something has gone wrong. See that you put it right.

When we pray as we were taught to pray by the Lord Jesus, forgive us our trespasses. We are asking God not to forgive us if we have not forgiven someone else. Have you ever realized that is uncovering?

If I come to God and talk to God with unforgiveness in my heart, then I am uncovered. There are forces that are watching.

Peter, Satan has obtained thee by request. Peter said that He would lay down his life. He didn’t know himself. He was uncovered. Satan asked to have Peter and God allowed it. I have prayed that your faith fail not.

Walk in the light you have been given.

Beginning of 1st tape

Psalm 91 The whole psalm has to do with this matter.

NT Ephesians 6:10-20

Our subject is covering. It is perhaps one of the most vitally important subjects that we could cover together.

This matter of covering being hid is one of the strong emphasis of the Bible from beginning to end. Ps 91 is a continuation of Psalm 90

The Almighty will be his protection, security, and safety. The Almighty will come between him and anything. He that hath made the Lord his habitation. It speaks in the Psalm about all kinds of terror. Spiritual and Physical pestilence. It is disease that will not clear up. It is because they have gotten uncovered.  It will not come to those who are abiding and covered. There is a kind of infection that can sweep through a community in hours. It lays everything low suddenly. He speaks of war. 1000 who will not come nigh thee. Things that will come out against the church or child of God. But the whole emphasis of this Psalm is covering, not about terror, not that the Christian is surrounded by hostility. It is that the child of God can walk with his head held high, that the child of God can have boldness to come into the most holy place of all by that new and living way which is Christ himself.  Get out from under covering and immediately hostile forces can get to you. Keep under covering and you are safe. There is no matter more important to both young and old believers. An essential for young believers to know is how to remain covered as a child of God. Same for old believers. Many have gone off the rail by becoming uncovered. Sometimes we see His acts and we don’t understand His ways. Pride comes before the fall. We can be haughty in our dealings before God. As if we have a right to tell God what to do in a presumptuous sort of way.

The enemy has a great objective with the child of God and the church of God, and that is to get us uncovered. There is not a single thing Satan can do unless it is allowed by God. So Satan’s strategy is to get the believer and the church outside of the will of God, outside of obedience so that he can demolish it. To push us into a position outside of the covering.

David got uncovered when he didn’t go out to war with his men. Perhaps he thought he would read the scriptures  during that time and he went up on his rooftop, but he was uncovered.  There he saw Bathsheba and sin took root in his heart. Satan was out to destroy David and the whole work of God.

David finally got back under covering with Psalm 51

Eph. High watermark of the NT.  The whole armor of God. Don’t leave a single chink. Be totally covered. See that Christ is the helmet, breastplate, etc.

Our problem is that we all go by these eyes. By our physical senses. It is just like being exposed to invisible rays. But if there were something radioactive in this room, none of us could see the danger. None of us could see the rays, but every one of us would be exposed to death-giving rays. Spiritually we can be exposed to things we can’t see with our physical senses, but if we have our spiritual senses exercised, we can know spiritually.

If you are covered, none of those dangerous or injurious things can harm you.

Military personnel wear helmets to protect themselves from shrapnel. Covering is never to be without your spiritual protection. Never to be w/o your armor.

The temptation of Christ is Matt. 4 Satan used scripture to tempt Jesus.  He was being tried not as God but as man and Jesus knew that he had no direction from God to turn those stones into bread.  And the devil wanted to get him to act independently of God. If he had done that he would have been immediately exposed.

We are touching something like an iceburg. Very little is above the surface. Much of this lies underneath. But if as a result of this, the fear  of the Lord comes upon us, it will be well worth while. God is a consuming fire and must be treated with awe and reverence. Not a cringing kind of fear but that which comes from a sensitive love.

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