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Jesus Meets A Samaritan Woman - 9AM

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Think about a town nearby. If you were to send someone to evangelize that town, who would you choose? What education and experience should they have? What about their background and character? Would you choose a broken woman with a shady past? Not likely, but Jesus did. Today we unpack John 4 and Jesus' encounter with an unlikely candidate to evangelize a local town.

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 Whitehorse Baptist Church "HOW I MET JESUS" "JESUS MEETS A SAMARITAN WOMAN" (JOHN 4:1-30 & 39-42) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. (VIDEO) "HOW I MET JESUS" STORY BY TIFFANY MCLEAN 2. (SLIDE 1-2) SERIES & MESSAGE INTRO TEACHING: 3. (SLIDE 3-8) JOHN 4:1-30 4. (SLIDE 9) JESUS CHOSE A SAMARITAN a) Why would a Rabbi like Jesus stay clear of a Samaritan? i) Around 930 B.C. the Nation of Israel is divided into two kingdoms. Ø South: Judah & Benjamin ii) "Hatred Between Jews and Samaritans" Ø (SLIDE 10) "The northern kingdom, called Israel, established its capital first at Shechem, a revered site in Jewish history, and later at the hilltop city of Samaria. In 722 B.C. Assyria conquered Israel and took most of its people into captivity. The invaders then brought in Gentile colonists...(2 Kin. 17:24) to resettle the land. The foreigners brought with them their pagan idols, which the remaining Jews began to worship alongside the God of Israel (2 Kin. 17:29-41). Intermarriages also took place (Ezra 9:1-10:44; Neh. 13:23-28)." Ø (SLIDE 11) "Meanwhile, the southern kingdom of Judah fell to Babylon in 600 B.C. Its people, too, were carried off into captivity. But 70 years later, a remnant of 43,000 was permitted to return and rebuild Jerusalem. The people who now inhabited the former northern kingdom—the Samaritans—vigorously opposed the repatriation and tried to undermine the attempt to reestablish the nation. For their part, the full-blooded, monotheistic Jews detested the mixed marriages and worship of their northern cousins. So walls of bitterness were erected on both sides and did nothing but harden for the next 550 years." ² b) (SLIDE 12) By First Century, there's a deep cultural and racial divide. c) Jewish leaders saw no value in Samaritans, but Jesus is looking into the future. All nations will worship together, even Samaritans! Ø Note the discussion related to the place of worship! 5. (SLIDE 13) JESUS CHOSE A SAMARITAN WOMAN a) A Rabbi wouldn't have an intellectual and spiritual conversation with a women...especially a Samaritan! (Explains the shock of His disciples!) b) This is a public well and people will talk! (Think about the locals who might have seen them together!) ***Water cooler example!*** Ø Remembering that this woman also has some baggage! 6. (SLIDE 14) JESUS CHOSE A WOUNDED SAMARITAN WOMAN a) At that time, a sinful painful past marked someone for life, but Jesus is looking into the future. No sin can separate us from Christ! b) (SLIDE 15) Look past the sin of adultery to see the big picture. i) Think about the pain this woman must have carried, having that many relationships. (Jesus took a risk and choose her anyway!) ii) Once again, Jesus is looking into the future. Everyone will worship together, regardless of the sin and pain that has marked their lives. Ø What happened next? APPLICATION: 7. (SLIDE 16) JOHN 4:39-42 (The reward comes out of risk!) 8. THIS IS THE WHY! (Jesus was calling one to reach the many!) a) Jesus didn't love this woman any more or less than everyone in the town. And yet, He called the least likely candidate to reach that town. Ø Jesus is still using unlikely people to achieve Gospel work! 9. (SLIDE 17) JESUS CONTINUES TO CHOOSE... a) …men and women to share the Gospel! b) ...people from every nation and race to share the Gospel! c) ...people, regardless of their past to share the Gospel! CONCLUSION: 10. (SLIDE 18) YOUR STORY IS POWERFUL (Take a chance!) 11. INVITATION & POST-MESSAGE PRAYER
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