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God's Response to Sinners

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How should God's kindness impact our lives?

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Condemned under God’s judgement, sinners are recipients of God’s kindness for the purpose of repentance.

Introduction: The Word of God is like a mirror allowing us to see ourselves as God sees us.

I. All are guilty and without excuse, 2:1

1. The idolatrous Gentiles, 1:20.

1. The idolatrous Gentiles, 1:20.

God responds to sin with judgement, 2:2

1. The idolatrous Gentiles, 1:20.

Paul explains in the second half of why the Gentiles are guilty sinners and stand condemned under God’s righteous judgement.

God responds to sin with kindness, 2:4

2. The self righteous Jews, 2:1.

There is another group of guilty sinners that Paul makes a case against beginning in . Having made the case against rank and file sinners, Paul turns his attention to the more sophisticated sinners. Those described as sitting in self righteous judgement on the idolatrous Gentiles. The Bible tells us that the self righteous sinning Jews are as guilty as the idolatrous Gentiles. Not only are they as guilty, they stand before God as condemned as their Gentile counterparts. And they, like the Gentiles, are without excuse. The word translated “excuse” in our Bibles is a legal term which means without a reasonable defense. We might say that the idolatrous Gentiles and the self righteous Jews are without a defense against what Paul was alleging-that these two groups were in fact defenseless and without a leg to stand on.
What does this mean for you and I? That we too, are guilty. Its not that, “nobody’s perfect”. It’s not that, “I’m as good as the next guy”. The fact is that each one of us has willfully sinned in front of the face of holy God. Each one of us has offended our Creator and deserving of condemnation. There is no shrugging it off. There is no explaining our sin away. There are no ifs, and’s, or buts. Each one, being a sinner at the core, have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The sophisticated self righteous, as well as, the ignorant idolatrous.
“nobodys perfect”

II. God responds to sinners with judgement, 2:2-3

God’s judgement is coming to all guilty sinners.

1. God’s judgement is understood by all, 2:2a

Paul seems to think that we know God’s judgement is real and that His judgement is righteous. God’s judgement on sinners, both sophisticated and unsophisticated is real and righteous. Each sinner understands this truth.

2. God’s judgement is reserved for the unrepentant, 2:2b

Clearly, God’s judgement is reserved for unrepentant sinners. The wrath of God is poured out on those who continue in their sin. Sinners who reject the gracious overtures of the Almighty receive the consequences of God’s condemnation.

3. God’s judgement is inescapable, 3

Paul asks the self righteous, who, by the way, are skillful in practicing their self righteousness, if they suppose, that while practicing their self righteousness that they would escape the judgement of God.

III. God responds to sinners with kindness, 2:4

1. A description of God’s kindness, 2:4

God’s kindness is tolerant

God’s kindness is tolerant, meaning that it is as though God has ordered a cease fire or a truce between He and the offending sinner. The word here in the Greek means “truce”. Note that a truce is not the same as peace. In this instance the truce is temporary and God sets forth the terms and conditions. Almighty God is under no compulsion to implement a truce. Think about it. God’s judgement could fall on sinners the moment the sinner sins. Yet, His judgement is delayed. Holy God restrains his wrath, unleashes His kindness, and waits.

God’s kindness is patient

God’s kindness is patient, meaning that God’s kindness endures the failure and opposition of each and every sinner. His patience is longsuffering. God is patient with sinners of all stripes. Patience, like tolerance is an aspect of God’s kindness. God’s patience means that He endures the sinners open rebellion against Himself. He endures our weakness- our failure to acknowledge Him. He endures our suppression of truth, our resistance to spiritual things, our refusal to give thanks, our insistence on self, our pride, and our practice of sin.
The LORD is not slow about his promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.

God’s kindness is in vast supply

For sinners
For sinners condemned to death, the mention of God’s kindness is shocking. That God is kind and that in God’s arsenal of kindness is tolerance and patience is nothing short of stunning. Then to have these words sink into your mind and heart - “the riches of His kindness”. So, God possesses vast supplies of kindness. Yet Paul, describes sinners as those with no cognizance of God’s kindness. That God is kind and that God has afforded sinners many benefits does not resonate with with sinners.

2. The purpose of God’s kindness , 2:4c

Ought to be understood

God’s kindness ought to be understood. While sinners should know God’s kindness they do not resonate with the riches of His kindness.

Yet, not understood

Sinners are led to repentance by God’s kindness


A. Idolatrous Gentiles are without excuse, 1:20b.
B. Self righteous Jews, are without excuse, 2:1a.

God’s judgement is righteous, 2:2

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