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Coffee Illustration: Breaking Culture

Drip Cone style coffee, chemex, aeropress, burr grinder, electric kettle, filters, pre-heated cup, perfect bloom, perfect pour, perfect cup. What do these do? They provide everything needed to create and extract the most accurate and precise cup of coffee.

The Gospel of Mark is exactly everything needed to reveal, extract, and prove an accurate depiction of Jesus.

The Gospel of Mark is exactly everything needed to reveal, extract, and prove an accurate depiction of Jesus.

Most controversial person in the entire planet: Jesus
Most controversial book in the entire planet: Bible
There should be no reason for us to end up like an old, forgotten, coffee pot. So... What happens when we engage something so precise like the Gospel?
We get convicted.
We get confused.
We get curious.
We get complete.*
We get coffee! ;) (to be able to concentrate and learn more)

Who was Mark? (Context)

John Mark, son of Mary, most likely a widow, may have owned larger home in order to host scattered Christians (when Peter made his way from the prison because of the angel busting him out.) was a companion of Paul and Barnabas in their missionary journeys, and afterward a companion of Barnabas alone and still later was with Paul again in Rome and with Peter when he wrote his first epistle

What’s a Gospel?

The word Gospel means good news. Why do you think this is called “good news?” Because of bad news. Why I think this story is greater than any story ever told.“Unlike Star Wars and every great Hollywood story, where a massive battle entails and there are heroes and villains who strain to achieve their victory, the Gospel is very different from these stories because of how God has perfectly achieved this before all of his creation. The so called “battle” between Satan and God was nothing of a battle. God basically snapped his fingers and Satan was tossed from heaven to Earth and has always had to seek permission from the Lord. However, what God has done with His Son through the Gospel is the real story. God is still in control, but Scripture shows us that God saves and humans repent.” This is amazing. No wonder all 66 books within the most controversial book ever made, point to this man called Jesus.

How/Why’d we get a Gospel from him?

How and Why? Book of Acts ends with Paul in prison at A.D. 62. If Acts was written in early 60s, then Luke’s Gospel was written before Acts, and there’s a majority view that Luke used Mark’s Gospel for material and structure. When Peter came to Rome, some time after Paul’s presence ,like a celebrity, people wanted a copy, perhaps an autographed copy. According to tradition, Peter oversaw Mark’s written Gospel and approved. Mark’s Gospel is narrative, however, it doesn’t really write like a narrative. It’s more of a collection, like a collage of the life of Jesus.
Mark 1:14–15 ESV
14 Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, 15 and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”
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