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Salvation or the Law? (2)

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4 Salvation or the Law?
The Jews were very strict in keeping their ceremonial laws. They had a form of religion but lacked faith in God. They were faithful to their teachings but were not forgiven of their sins. They were religious but lost.

A. Spiritual Pride—vv.

1. Pride—vv. . Because God gave them the law (the Ten Commandments and other Laws), the Jews thought they were righteous. Cf. .

2. Practice—v. . They thought they had the truth and could teach others. They rejected Christ, who was the truth—; . How could they guide others into truth they didn’t have?

3. Plan—v. . How could they teach others when they themselves were in darkness? Jesus spoke of the blind leading the blind—. An unconverted religious leader cannot lead others to righteous living.

B. Spiritual Practice—vv.

If you teach others, do you practice what you teach? Paul warns of people having a form of godliness, but no power or reality of the gospel—.

1. The practice—vv. . “Yes, you teach others—then why don’t you teach yourselves? You tell others not to steal—do you steal? You say it is wrong to commit adultery—do you do it? You say, ‘Don’t pray to idols,’ and then make money your god instead”—LB. They said they knew God, but their works denied it—.

2. The problem—v. . They knew the Old Testament teachings, but they didn’t obey them. See also ; .

3. The pity—v. . Because of the poor example of professed Christians, the name of Christ is often treated with disrespect—; .

C. Spiritual Purity—vv.

1. Religious or righteous?—vv. . Practicing a religious act will not make us right with God. The rich ruler obeyed laws but was not a Christian—.

2. Sacrilegious or sacred—vv. . Jewish laws did not measure up to God’s laws. Note . It is not what we do but what Christ has done for us that atones for our sins.

3. Historical or holy—v. . God is not looking for a historical religion, but for holy (set apart) people who love and serve Him. See . Only the pure in heart will see God—. We must be born again—.

There are many religious people who will not go to heaven. Only Christ through the new birth can make us righteous—; . His blood will cleanse us from all sin—. He will forgive all sins—. If we confess our sins, He will forgive—. We will be assured of eternal life. The Jewish law couldn’t promise this.
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