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The Unclean Spirit of Haughtiness

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The Unclean Spirit of Haughtiness

(II Corinthians 12:7-10)





During my study of the concept of the unclean spirit, there exists a number other spirits that are unclean.

On our last dialogue about the unclean spirit, we discussed the reality of the unclean spirit

How the unclean spirit gains access to our lives and how to resist the unclean spirit.



Unclean spirits are those spirits (messengers, demons, fallen angelic beings)

That are used by the prince of demons (Used by the prince of power of the air)


The god of this world



Liar (Father of lies) – Lies originated in him

Murderer from the beginning (Why? – Through his lies, deception – death came)

He held the power of death in his hand (In the fall of Adam & Eve, he acquired the power)


Now, as we have been studying the concept of completing our God-given vision

There are three things that can hinder us from completing the vision

Question:  What are they?

  1. Idolatry (Definition) – It is a continuous fight
  2. False prophet (Immorality) – Need a standard of moral living
  3. Unclean Spirit (To depart)

And what we will discover that within this unclean spirit are other unclean spirits

That affect our daily lives and we need to identify which spirit is plaguing our lives

Now, at some point we will talk about the spirit of fear

(Fear) – puts you into bondage / bondage will paralyze you

Fear will stop you from stepping up in your ministries

Fear will stop you from giving as God has prospered you

But what we need to appreciate is fear is not something that God gives you.

(Reference) – I Tim. 1:7 (God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power)

And then there is that spirit of bondage

Now we don’t have to deal with Egyptian bondage

But there is a spirit of bondage that some of us are struggling with

And the spirit of bondage that we have to deal with is debt.


You know, during the holiday seasons we enhance the spirit of bondage in our lives

We max out credit cards, write checks that we know may not clear

We buy things that we really don’t need and you start the year with debt that we don’t need

But if we rid ourselves of the unclean spirit of bondage

Then you can say, “I’m not going to entertain the spirit of bondage”

And exercise the some self discipline.

Then there is the spirit of infirmities

And I will show you (today/tonight) when we talk about the spirit of infirmities

That there is a connection with the spirit of haughtiness (which is what we are talking about)


So, for us to appreciate the unclean spirit of haughtiness, we need to know what haughtiness is.

(Haughtiness) – Uppidy, Arrogance, Disdainful (looking down), Insulant, Proud

(People like that) – What they have has to be superior than what you have

(Where did you get that?) Won’t tell you

Even on their counternance there is a proud look (But even God doesn’t like a proud look)

And we don’t won’t to be plagued with having a proud look or the spirit of haughtiness

Because what that is is an unclean spirit.

And I want to talk about haughtiness from II Cor. 12

But on our way to II Cor. 12, make note of Proverbs 16:18 (powerful sayings)


It is through Proverbs you can invite wisdom in your life.

Wisdom is a principle thing.

(Therefore, get wisdom, but in all thy getting, get an understanding)

Wisdom helps you to live a better life. Understanding is the motivation to apply the wisdom

Read: Proverbs 16:18

If you are lifted up within yourself. The likelihood is just a few blocks from you is a fall

(Illustration) – Be careful how treat people (Ladder)

Read: Proverbs 16:19

Read: Proverbs 18:10 ( I want to be wise enough to run to the Lord)

Read: Proverbs 18:11 (The rich man trusts in his wealth) – Didn’t get it on your own


People get caught up on what they did. (I did this. I did that)

(Illustration) – President Bush (I told the Iraqi government I expect them to do this)

(How arrogant)


Now in this particular unclean spirit that we are discussing

The point I really want to share with you is it is deceptive.

And the reason it is deceptive is it can start out as a blessing

And when you get caught up in your blessing, then comes the fall

So, I want to share with you the deception of haughtiness

And we will close with how to dethrone haughtiness

(Dethrone) – Haughtiness is when you get high and lifted up


Read:  II Corinthians 12:7 (messenger of Satan) / angel

(messenger of God – not a fallen angel) / messenger from Satan – demon)

And demons are fallen angels and the evidence of demonic activities (unclean spirits)

(II Corinthians 12:7) – What is the purpose?

Question: What is the risk?

The risk is you have been blessed with some revelation that other apostles don’t have

And lest you allow that blessing to exalt you above measure, I gave you a thorn in the flesh

A demon from Satan to buffet you to keep you from lifting yourself up.


And later Paul will say, “I glory in my infirmity”

And when God gives you an infirmity in your life to mess with you

Sometimes you need the infirmity to mess with you to keep you from exalting yourself

Read: II Corinthians 12:8 (What thing?)

Read: II Corinthians 12:9-10 (persecution not for Christ’s sake)

But if I have persecutions (insults, distress) for Christ’s sake, when I am weak, then…)

Read: II Corinthians 12:11

(Contextual Look) – Paul’s apostleship was being challenged

Because they knew of the big time apostles







(Simon Peter)

            Peter was the one that got out of the boat and walked on water

            (Peter) – No other apostle did that / I know I sunk but I did walk the water

            (Peter) – I’m the one that Jesus took on the mountain

            (Peter) – I’m the one that said Lord it is good for us to be here (I said that)

            (Peter) – (Matt. 16:13-18) – I’m the one that said, “Thou art the Christ…”


(James) – Was also a big time apostle

When Peter was dining with the Gentiles in Galatia / James came down there

And James had such an influence that Peter withdrew himself from the Gentiles

James was the person that led the Jerusalem council.  James was a big shot

And he did care much for Gentiles

But when you get these big shots together, you could give Peter and James a hankerchief

And they could pray over it and you could lay on somebody’s head and heal them.

Man, Peter would have been all over TBN, preaching the gospel of Christ.

Because Peter could sure enough preach. (Now, all of them could preach)

But it was Peter on the day of Pentecost standing up with the eleven.

Now, all of them were preaching, but it was Peter who said

(Reference: Acts 2:22 – You men of Israel hear these words… Jesus of Nazareth…)


So, when Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians, there were some Gentiles saying

(Well, Paul the big apostles are Peter, James, & John / You are a Johnny come lately)

So, what Paul is doing is defending his apostleship.

Read: II Corinthians 11:1 (What I am about to do is foolish / boast)

And he is going to boast a little bit because of what the Corinthians are saying about Peter…

And Paul is saying, “Y’all really don’t know who I am”)

(Paul) – I’m going to boast a little bit to help you appreciate my apostleship (but it is foolish)

Read: II Corinthians 11:1-4 (v4 – You don’t have to listen to Paul / not a big apostle)

Read: II Corinthians 11:5

(Paul) – I know that Peter can preach (Apollos, James)

(Paul) – But I don’t want somebody coming in and teach you something that is not right


So, when you get to Chapter 12

Read:  II Corinthians 12:1-9

Illustration: Moses (fighting the Amalkites)

(Went to the mountain and took the rod of God / spread the Red Sea)

(Moses saw him write the 10 commandments) / (Holding up his arms)

(Got tired – Aaron & Hur ) / Do not live with the unclean spirit of haughtiness

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