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Blinded by the Pride

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The Gospel of John’s theme is to basically show/prove the Deity of Jesus. John does that in many ways, but one of those ways was through telling about some of Jesus’ miracles.
John shares 7 of a lot of different miracles Jesus performed and of these 7, they have two type of teaching points:
Three Signs can teach HOW A PERSON is SAVED:
Through the Word (Water into Wine)
By Faith (Healing the Nobleman’s son)
By Grace (Healing the Impotent Man) John 5:1-16
Four Signs can teach THE RESULTS OF SALVATION:
Satisfaction (Feeding 5,000)
Peace (Stilling the storm)
Light (Healing the Blind Man)
Life (Raising Lazarus)
Light as Jesus - When He comes into your life He gives light to the darkness we are in and the darkness of our hearts!
gives us the story of the Blind man receiving sight, and it is one of my favorite stories in the Bible because I was like that blind man.
Blind to my sin, my state, who I really was, but King Jesus came by where I was, performed Himself to me as the Son of God and my spiritual eyes were opened!
The Cure
this man’s characteristics were that he was:
The cure shows how Christ saves a sinner:
He Comes In Grace
He Irritated the Man
He Cured the man by His Power
The Cure Glorified God
The Cure was noticed by Others
The Controversy
The Confession
v. 11 - “A man called Jesus” - was all he knew when Christ healed him.
v. 17 - “A prophet” is what the an called Him when the Pharisees questioned him.
v. 31-33 - “A man of God” - is what he concluded Jesus to be.
the blind man grew in “light” and became someone who had light in his heart () and who is a light in the world ().

And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book,

And the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness

“… and out of their gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind will see.”
The Profession of a Blind Man
at this point, the blind man had called Jesus a lot of things:
v. 11 - by name “Jesus”
v. 17 - a prophet
v. 31-33 - a man of God
this man was interested in who Jesus really was - he knew there was something different than what the religious crowd was saying.
The Pride that leaves Men Blind
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