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V. 28
Remain in him (abide)- stay where you are
ILL: Telling our children to stay where they are.
Why should we remain? So we won’t be ashamed before him at his coming.
It won’t be a process, but instantaneous
If Jesus came back today, what would you want to be doing at his return?
V. 29
V. 29
First know is “to be aware of the fact” Second know is “knowledge gained by experience”
He is righteous so those who are his will live righteously.
It is a confirmation of our faith.
V. 1
He calls them children in v. 28
ILL: Love for my children. Very small example of God’s love for us.
Amazing love God has for us. We have been adopted by him.
His love is so perfect, we cannot fathom it.
ILL: Adoption and how it reflects God’s love for us.
What aspect of being a child of God gives you most joy? What challenges you the most?
Mistreatment by the world is further assurance we are his children.
Jesus: They hated me, they will hate you.
V. 2-3
Contrast between now and not yet
We are now God’s children
But what we will be after Christ’s return remains veiled
We will be like him, but we won’t be little gods.
Understand God’s will. Will be righteous.
V. 4-10
Someone comes to you and shows you , and says that you must be able to lose your salvation because, if you are a Christian, these verses say you won’t sin. How would you explain the meaning of these verses to them?
Remember 2:1-2
Last statement transitions to a discourse on love
Goes from stating we will be mistreated by the world, but then talks about how we are still to love.
V. 11
Jesus’ message to us is to love one another
V. 12
Cain was a murderer.
We would NEVER be like him
V. 13
Cain hated and he murdered.
The world hates.
The world will do bad acts to Christians
V. 14-15
Those who hate are equated with murderers.
We are like Cain, if we hate.
V. 16
Instead of taking a life out of hate, we are called to give our lives to others in love.
V. 17-18
This is what giving life to others looks like.
V. 19-20
It is by this that we will know we belong to the truth.
When was a time you were hurting or broken, that Jesus “gave life” to you?
Think of someone you know who is hurting or broken. In what way can you “give life” to them?
V. 24
Concludes by saying we have the Spirit.
Leads to ch. 4
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