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The Church's Role in the Family

Life is done best in the context of community
The Church is community
The church is simply the gathering of believers. The big C church or catholic (universal) church is all believers in the world. The little c or local church is a gathering of believers who have agreed to submit to the same local authority and do the work of the gospel together.
A local church is a local community of believers. The church is not a building. It is not clergy. It is the living, breathing Body of Christ. - key
God is community
God is one God who has eternally existed in three persons. , (The Holy Trinity)
Love is a defining attribute of God or better said God is love. Love is expressed and has always been expressed in the presence of the Trinity even before creation.
Most of God's commands can only be obeyed in the presence of others (community)
The One Anothers - , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , etc.
Wisdom says life is better together.
Marriage is community and is good and it is a picture of Christ and His Church
Family is done best in the context of community
Therefore the life of the family is enhanced towards godliness when it exists in the context of a community of believers (the church)
Necessary Components to Family Life
Providing for the needs of the family.
We have become incredible self-sufficient due to the wealth and prosperity of our nation. But what happens when we cannot care for our own family. Sadly the church has not fulfilled its mandate and the government has taken the responsibility of caring for the indigent. But Scriptures command and example is that the church cares for its own. , , ,
What the Church (your local fellowship of Oakwood) does
We care for widows ,
The church maintains a list of widows and single moms that we help them meet there needs
We care for orphans ,
We provide support for families who are/have adopted and foster families through a monthly support group
We provide for material needs of children in the foster care system through our foster closet
We provide direction and encouragement for families to get involved in caring for the orphan through a webpage, certification courses on campus and sermons
We mourn with you
Pain and suffering are a part of life. Our leadership (pastors, deacons, small group leaders) are here and ready to respond and be present during sickness, suffering and loss.
Our prayer ministry team is constantly on the clock lifting up the needs submitting by the church
We care for you
Whether it is gas for your car, food for your pantry, relief and support in dealing with special needs children or support as you care for aging parents. The church is always ready to respond and walk alongside families to address these trials.
Marriage. , Marriages are in a great deal of stress and each marriage forms the nucleus of that family. The church has the answer to make marriage work and work well. God created male and female and designed or ordain the institution of marriage. He knows how it works best. And if done in the context of community that provides support, encouragement, admonishment and acceptance then it can blossom and experience true oneness.
What the Church does
re|engage - to help couples reconnect, reignite or resurrect their marriage
Marriage weekend (Feb 23-24) to provide a spark for you marriage
Premarital - both through Merge and the Counseling Center to ensure marriages have the right picture and tools to do marriage right
Parenting - God calls us to raise Godly offspring , , . This is a challenging task. When a child is dedicated in one of our services we are making a covenant with that family to come alongside them and aid them in raising their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord
What the Church does
Our children's and student ministries provides dedicated adults who want to invest in your children and teach them about Jesus as you do the same. This helps them gain an additional voice saying, "This is the way - walk in it." This is done on our regular Sunday morning small groups and during our Wednesday night AWANA and Student Ministries.
Retreats - we offer Mother & Daughter and Father & Son retreats to give you an opportunity to get alone with your child(ren) and center yourselves on Christ for the weekend.
Events - VBS, Camps, Mission trips, Believe Weekend, etc. are all events geared to draw your kids closer to Jesus.
Pastor Picks - recommended resources to aid you in discipling your kids
Serving - God's original plan was that from one family would come a blessing for all nations (, ). God wants us to use our gifts and resources to be a blessing to others. ; When you come together in the community of a church the opportunities to serve and put your time, talent, and treasures to us increases exponentially.
What the Church does
There is no end to the service opportunities at Oakwood. Teaching, waiting on tables, loving on kids, creative arts, serving the community, going on Mission trips and the list goes on.
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