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There are several things that make up an MVP. What are some characteristics that make up an MVP on the court? But one characteristic of an MVP that I want to talk about is AWARENESS!
What does awareness mean?
In terms of basketball, what are some things that we need to always be aware of?
What is going on around us on the court
What the strengths of the players around you
Aware of your opponents
What my strengths are, as well as my weaknesses
Aware of the value you bring to the team
Awareness on the basketball court, especially of your value to the team and sport is essential.
Basketball is a small part of life....are you aware of your value in life? Where does your value and purpose in life come from?
Ultimate value and purpose come from a very specific place. And it is so important that the foundation that your purpose and value is built on cannot be shaken!
If my value is found in my relationships, what happens if those relationship cease to exist....does my value also cease?
If my value is found in my ability to perform a sport, how well I dribble, shoot, defend, etc…if something happened to where I couldn’t perform anymore is my value now non existent?
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