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Prophecy Update

Is ready to happen
written 2700 years ago
These are happening this year
Russia, Iran, Turkey, Lybia (put), Sudan (cush)
Jerusalem recognized as capital
This is a spiritual issue, not political
Jersualem is the key to world politics
128 countries voted in the UN against the US observing Jerusalem as capital and moving the embassy
Trumps administration said that they will remember this when the UN calls upon the US to make the largest contribution and when called to help these countries. Trump says, we will save a lot, we don’t care.
psalm 2,
France and England have been taken by Islam
- will be a burdensome stone to the surrounding nations…one step closer
100 years ago, where General allenby declares Jerusalem israel’s capital
Islam to dominate the world, Jews, Jerusalem to dominate the world.
trying to establish world dominance.
Trump, Cancelling Iran deal and stopping the flow of trillions of dollars and doing business.
Iran is rioting because the economy is being turned upside down. 35% of 80,000,000 living in poverty.
Nothing to lose for Iranians
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