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PRIVATE SUFFER (Learning to Live with Yourself)  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  45:36
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I). WE ALL HAVE STRUGGLES WITHIN US. a). Paul describes the internal struggles that all believers have. b). No one is immune from These struggles. II). MOST OF US HANDLE THESE STRUGGLES WRONG a). Laughter can be an Antiseptic for struggles b). Some Prominent ways we deal with our inner struggles. 1). We Dominate them 2). We Ignore them 3). We Whine about them 4). We White Flag it 5). We End it III). UNDERSTANDING STRUGGLES HELPS US DO BETTER. a). The Struggles, conflicts of life. b). There is a Better way with God. 1). We Look Within Ourselves 2). Talk to God First 3). Let God Do A Work in You 4). Don't Expect From Man What only Comes from God

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