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State of the Church 2018

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It takes a lot of commitment from a lot of people to make a church healthy. I try to emphasis often that every member is a minister. Each of us has a role to play.
Sunday School Teachers
Bash in the Bend
Vacation Bible School
Hanging of the Green
Easter Egg Hunt
Building and Grounds
Children’s Worker
Sound and Presentation


It has been a year where many things have come together. I’m very proud of Riddles Bend Baptist. I believe we are truly outward focused and we have put together some things that truly are having an impact on our community.
4 Biggies
1. Easter
2. Vacation Bible School
3. Bash in the Bend
4. Hanging of the Green w/coffee and donut giveaway. These are all bridge building events.
Our campus always looks well put together. Thanks Perry, Kenneth, and Kay
We’ve seen several new families become a part of Riddles Bend this last year.
We’ve seen several people come to faith in Jesus and follow Him in baptism last year.
The Disciple’s Path Sunday School Classes has been a tool to truly develop new followers of Christ to lead others to follow Christ.
We started the year with a budget that reached out beyond what our current level of giving was at the time, and by year’s end we had not only met that budget but exceeded it. We did exceed the 200,000 mark in regular giving. (This allowed us to budget more money for missions, more for future growth, buy a church van, do some repair work at pastorium, and have a little breathing room).
Several times in the last year, new folks have moved into the community, and visited RBBC, thinking they would check it out and visit other places too. They did visit, but they didn’t go anywhere else, they just settled in with us.
Many things happen… sometimes the biggest things.. are behind the scenes and intangible. I’ve counseled with couples and individuals all year long. The problems are various and serious but I and sometimes Karen too have been able to point people to the Lord and His Word in a variety of circumstances. Some of the new faces you see on Sunday have been helped through this counseling ministry.
On a personal note: You all have loved on us as we have gone through a difficult season in our personal life. I recently heard about a pastor who felt he should step down because of family issues and a faction in his church making much over it. I thought, “wow, Riddles Bend has been nothing by kind, gracious, prayerful, and redemptive and loving, in the way they have supported us!”


First let me say that we are ready to begin Wednesday night meals again.It is time to talk about vision.
1. Children’s hallway and fellowship hall.
2. Proper stage lighting
3. Sound booth needs to be on the floor where techs can hear and see what we are hearing and seeing.
4. Shiny brass chandeliers have a very dated look.
I am sure there are other building issues, but I’m throwing these out there for consideration.
In the next few weeks I will be putting together a long range planning committee. This can be one of the most exciting times in the life of the church as we all dream together about the next several years.


There are put me in coach cards in front of each of you. It’s time to re-enlist.
If you sign up or are signed up, please remember the power of One. We need you here on your 1 Sunday per month doing your thing.
We always want to give folks an opportunity to be involved, so get a card and sign up today.
In 2018 we will try our best to keep everyone reminded of their Sunday!


Revelation 2:4 HCSB
But I have this against you: You have abandoned the love you had at first.
This strikes at the heart of the matter. No doubt many of us made resolutions, and some of us already broke them.
I was thinking about the whole resolution thing: It is basically our attempt to buckle down and do better.
But that is not where God deals with us. The Gospel of Jesus is not “yall buckle down and do better” It is come to faith in Christ and find in Him the strength you need to be what He wants you to be.
The first letter written to the 7 churches of Revelation was to the Church at Ephesus.
Jesus bragged on them.
He bragged on their works, labor, and endurance, and lack of toleration for evil. He bragged on their perseverance in the midst of persecution. They really had their ducks in a row when it came to the outward. But, verse 4 hits on their heart issue. They had abandoned their first love. As we settle in to this new year, I want you to evaluate your love relationship with Jesus.
Are you pursuing Him and His will for your life with a white hot passion?
Listen carefully, when your love goes flat, everything will start falling off. You will miss services and make excuses. You will find anything to do at church besides sit under the Word. You will drop your kids off and go to Publix, or Sonic. When you abandon your First love, everything will be dull routine. You’ll go through the right motions for a season, but eventually that is not sustainable, because God is first interested in your love and devotion, and then your service to Him.
Where are you in this? Deacons and deacons wives? Leaders? Student to Senior Adults?
Is your heart in it? Are you loving the Lord with all your heart soul mind and strength?
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