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The Glory of the Lord Has Come

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<starting illustration on Vampires>
<Show when ppl were invited to party, to turn out to be a night of horror… they were chased by monsters, and all night long, they tried to get out of the house… ended at the break of dawn when they found an opening… a windows through which they climbed through, and rested on the window latch… below them was the sea, 5 stories down.. yet purged on that latch, they knew it would be alright because the sun has risen… morning has come>
notion of light versus darkness
good versus evil
temple was built facing the East because that is where sun was coming
The ppl were looking for someone to liberate them… a messiah but all seems lost when their hope was pinned on that cross...
dying a sinner’s death
It seemed that selfish pride has won
Selfish pride of the Pharisees and the Seducees in getting rid of the person that caused them trouble, the one that preached about a new kingdom… the troublemaker as far as they are concerned who caused ppl to question their authority
it seemed that self-preserving insecurity has won
governor pilate in order to quell any uprising among his Jewish subjects so that his position as governor is not jeopradised
but just when darkness and chaos seemed to have persevered, the sun rose
friends, morning came...
that Easter morning when Mary and came...
The glory of the lord came in and filled the temple
the love of God overcame pride and insecurity...
despite the works of man, God’s plans previaled
The morning came
friends, if you have any darkness in your life right now
the morning will come
Have you lost your job? morning will come
Are you grieving over your loved one? morning will come
Have your child gone astray, is he in bad company, and you seem to have lost all hope? morning will come
Does that task of your seem so overwhelming? morning will come
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