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Going into where God is calling us to go

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Wow, what an incredible time of worship! I hope you have your Bible’s ready, tonight we’re going to be in , and read several verses there and in chapter 14.
Unbelief of God’s plan/word will always rob us of a blessing.
We heard the stats of what God has done in and through our youth ministry just this year. And it is so worthy to be celebrated, remembered, and thankful for, but we also need to be mindful that God isn’t done with this ministry.
He has a plan for us as a whole, and for us as individuals, but I wonder, who will you be?
will you be one of the 10 that said, “It seems awesome, but I don’t want to go...”
or will you be one of the 2 that says “it seems awesome, it might be impossible for us, but I’m trusting in God’s plan and I’m going in no matter what!”
Reminder of God’s Good Plan
How do we know that?
Through His Word
- God told Abram that He was going to give him a great reward and let him be the father of the Israelite people
- God said he was going to deliver them.
Over and over they were reminded that God had a plan for them.
for us: ,
Through His Actions
Abram - had Isaac
Moses - 10 plagues, parted red sea
through His Son Jesus for us.
now here He told them Israelites to go into this land to take control of what was theirs!
Refusing God’s Good Plan
Here’s a huge sign that the people weren’t trusting in what God was calling them into
Check out
God told them to go into the land of Canaan, but the people insisted that they should send in spies ahead of time
Notice something with me:
Go ahead and make the decision in your heart now that God’s way and will is so much better than yours!
verses 23-24
they tasted of the fruit
they saw the giants but they did not see God
Their eyes were on the obstacles, not on the God who led them there
their reservation was that the giants were too big.
but what about their God???
“Unbelief always sees the obstacles, faith always sees the opportunities.”
One of the scariest things in this Christian life is tasting and knowing that God has a good plan and then just completely saying: “it’s good, but nahhh...”
Responding to God’s Good Plan
tonight’s invitation is simple… how are you going to respond?
10 of the spies said: “it was beautiful, great, but the giants are too big.”
2 of them said: “it was beautiful, great, and our God is a whole lot bigger.”
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