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Back to the Future

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Getting back to what God's purpose for our lives. Some of us were called, some were chosen, but we all have a purpose.

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Intro: Here we are! We made it! Its the last day of the year! Usually we have one of two reactions: we either say “Man, where did the year go?” or we say, “Thank God thats over.” For some of us, this year was a year of celebration and victory, for some it was the hardest year of our lives. Regardless, we made it. We are here. No matter what happened this year, we get to start fresh! Now that 2017 is in the past, we get to go Back to the Future. We get to focus on getting back on track; back to God’s purpose for our lives.

I. Brush Ya Shoulders Off.

A. There’s a saying, “You can’t get to Tomorrow by hanging on to yesterday.” Some of us are carrying past pain, offense, struggles, sins, and so many other things. We have so much baggage that we have accumulated through out the year, and for some of us its been years carrying this baggage. It weighs us down. It slows us down. So much that we lose focus. Thank God that He is here to take our burdens off of us. In fact, He invites us to give it all to Him. ,
B. You can’t just forget.... you MUST forgive. “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die.” Often times we have grown accustomed to hiding offenses, and hurt. When I was a kid I remember I fell on some rocks and when I got up I had one that was stuck in my knee. I remember thinking to myself that I don’t need to tell anyone, even though it hurt because they might have to operate..... yeah I was a little dramatic. I remember that the longer I waited the more it hurt. I finally told my mom and she took the rock out, which surprisingly was just stuck, not buried. I had a skinned knee. Thats it. However, this is what I learned. If you don’t take care of offense or hurt immediately, it will get infected. It will begin to affect your abilities, and will cause you more pain. Many of us have become weak leaders, or even Christians because we have carried offenses with us for so long that the infection has set in. Its time to forgive those that hurt you. “Forgiveness is not for the person who did wrong, but for the person who was hurt.” There is a freedom found in forgiveness.
C. Lastly, when you carry past baggage, you begin to lose focus. God has a plan specifically and uniquely designed for you. Its what you are on this earth for. In the season where many are making new years resolutions, you have an opportunity to get back to what God made you for.

II. Pull Your Weight… and others too.

A. We have always said that we are a family. I was watching a movie the other day where it talked about marines in boot camp. There was one guy that was the slowest, he always messed up, and he always fell short. To punish him, the sergeants began to punish the entire unit. It taught them responsibility one for another, but I wonder how the guy felt. It can’t feel good to know that someone else has to carry your weight and responsibility. There are some people in this world that truly aren’t strong enough, but there are others that just plain don’t want to. Either way someone else has to do their job for them. It is God’s desire for all of us to work together to advance the kingdom. If you are tired from carrying your burdens how is it possible that you can do what God called you to do? You have to begin to focus on God’s plan for your life. There are two types of people, those who are called, and those who are chosen. One was called to start the work, which is the hardest part, and the other was chosen to finish it.
B. It is of great importance to know which one you are, and to work in that capacity. Those who are called don’t quit after the chosen arrive, they finish the work along side the chosen. Here is the thing..... they all get paid the same. You might think, well thats not fair. I think many of us focus too much on the extra things. We worry about why did he get the same that I got, I did more, I worked harder. More and more it becomes clear to me why Paul wrote in because we need a reminder to mind our business, and do what God designed us for. If God made you strong enough to carry someone else’s weight, then carry it. Don’t judge. Don’t complain. Just do.
Some have been called. Some have been chosen. All have been called to work. This is the last service of the year. Its your opportunity to go Back to the Future, and remember what God has you on this earth for. Focus on that. Do it with all of your heart, passion, and desire. You will see the reward. Its time to get after it. This morning you might be in need of healing, you might be in need of forgiving, you might be in need of recommitting to God’s will in your life. This is your chance. Don’t let the baggage you’ve carried for long enough continue to weigh you down. Lets leave it at the cross and run the race marked out for us. Lets get back to the future destination of this church. We are going to grow, we are going to get better, we are going to see bigger breakthroughs and blessings.... but we need you to do your part, and more. Lets make Jesus famous in 2018!
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