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Wait On Him

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Our restoration in life is hinged on our ability to trust in God's ability to keep his promise

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The book of Isaiah strongly parallels the entire bible. For example:
The bible has 66 books and Isaiah has 66 chapters
The bible has two parts the old testament and the new testament : Isaiah has traditionally two parts chapters 1-39 and 40- 66.
The first part of of Isaiah has 39 chapters like the old testament has 39 books and so forth with 27 for the new testament and chapters
The Bible depicts the judgement of God in its first half as well as Isaiah depicts judgment on Judah Gods People in its first half
But what i love about the bible is that it looks dark in the first half but it get better in the second.
I looks dark in the first 39 chapters of Isaiah just like the first 39 books of the Old testament.
But the Matthew marks the turn of hopeless into hopefully letting us know that all 39 chapters on the Old testament was just to get us to Matthew chapter one verse twenty five. For unto us a child is born and his name shall be called jesus.
Isaiah seems hopeless until we get to chapter 40.
The people of God wondered if God had forgotten about them.
Is God ever going to establish his presence in there life.
Is God ever going to restore his kingship among his people.
Isaiah has to prophesy to the people of God to let them know where they are are will not always be.
Isaiah lets Gods people know captivity will come, defeat will come, tragedy will come but at the appointed time the same God who allowed the captivity, allowed the defeat, allowed the tragedy will restore you stronger than before.
I don't know what 2017 has been for you but you may fall into the category of this text concerning God’s people. You have had some captivity this year, you have had some defeats this year and you have had some tragedy this year.
But as we go into 2018, i need you to understand that where you are this year is not where God plans for you to be next year.
Its when we get to the concluding verse of chapter 40 that Isaiah gives us our New years resolution. Isaiah says But they that wait upon the Lord Shall renew there strength.
It was doom and destruction until we get to .
Then Isaiah has to but us upside our heads to wake us up with that conjunction word.
the word but connects to opposing thoughts. One says that you will get weary and fall in verse 30. Trials or inevitable. Tears will come down your face, problems will come greater than you could ever imagine, the gates of hell will seem to be prevailing, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.
I’ve come to serve you notice that God has seen your tears he has orchestrated your tragedy, he has watched you struggle trying to do the best you can and you are left with the question of what do i do now that I’m in the middle of this mess and I’ve come to tell you that you’ve got to Wait on Him.
How do you wait on the Lord?
Expect the Promise
The word wait in the text can be translated hope in or hope for. It is described in the Hebrew as a predator waiting in ambush on its prey. The predator is not waiting for nothing but it is waiting with an expectancy. As believers God wants us to live with expectancy!
1.Expectation should be in our talk: Our communication ought to be a communication that shows we are expecting God’s promise.
2. Expectation should be in our walk: Our behavior should reinforce what God has confirmed to us inwardly concerning his promise. (story of me and wife expecting the house)
Experience the Process
The people of God were not renewed in a day. in fact Isaiah tells the people that because of their disobedience that God will allow the Assyrians to take them into captivity. Most of Isaiah’s ministry is spent speaking to Gods people in chapters 1- 39 while in captivity. But in chapters 40- 66 we see a turn in the tide. Isaiah is now letting God’s people know that God has not forgotten about them. This is the crux of chapter 40. This is why we see our text begins with the word But. All of the previous was pain and hurt and captivity. But there is not period after verse 30.
1.The process is public: God allows us to go through public struggles where our circumstance is on display.
a. God needs to humble us for the promise
The prideful attitude will cause us to trust self and not God
b. God needs to develop our character under pressure
Can we stay faithful in the fire
Can we stay fervent despite frustration
2. The process is private: Inwardly God is developing us to be able to handle the promise.
a.There are some things that God has to develop in us in order to sustain the promise.
b. There are some things he has to cut off from us.
c. There are some people who he has to allow them to leave and some he has to allow to come into our lives.
(story of brother going the the cancer process)
Express Praise
The book
The book of Isaiah notes four servants songs that deal with describing the service, suffering, and exaltation of the Servant of the Lord, the Messiah. All four songs show the Messiah to be God’s meek and gentle Servant. He is a royal figure, representing Israel in its ideal form; He is the high priest, atoning for the sins of the world. Isaiah predicts that this Servant of the Lord would deliver the world from the prison of sin. The Servant Songs are found in ; ; ; and .
But we ought to express praise because when we get to “ But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him: and with his stripes we are healed.
Exchange our problem for his promise
God can exchange your poverty for prominence
God can exchange your sickness for health
God can exchange your brokenness for restoration
God can exchange your worry for peace
God can exchange your fear for boldness
God can exchange your destitute for abundance
because he had the power at the cross to exchange our sin for his righteousness
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