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A Message Of Hope

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Isaiah delivered this prophecy to His contemporaries, but the prophesy outlines God's promises to future generations.

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Current Situation

God calls up His prophet to deliver a message of doom to His chosen people, and a message of hope and a bright future to the ”People who walked in darkness” (Gentiles). The history of God’s ancient people has been one of one faith crisis after another. But God’s Gift Of Christmas will produce a faithful people who will worship Him as a standard of life.


Throughout Old Testament history, God’s chosen people had been a constant disappointment.


God has been more than patient with Israel; He has been long-suffering, generous, and forgiving. But Israel seems to have become addicted to extreme disobedience and disregard toward living the good life that had offered them. So, God calls up His faithful prophet to deliver a message of doom to Israel, and a message hope and a bright future to the Gentiles.


“Unto us a child is born
Isaiah proclaims that God is giving a Christmas present to the entire, world population who would trust Him, and accept His Gift Of Christmas. The Gift was to be a child , given not as a possession, but as a Savior. This Gift Of God would be one like none had seen before. He was sent to Israel, first, but it would be the Gentiles who would embrace Him.
The nature of the Gift is so different from anything the human mind could comprehend that when the Gift Of God arrived, He He was rejected by His own.

New Situation

So now, instead of trying to reason with them, as He had done from the crossing of the Red Sea until now, God calls up the prophet,’Isaiah, to inform them that their exclusive status was being revoked. Now, He would be looking to the other side of the Jordan, to “The people that who walked in darkness.” The age of the gospel, and the opening of the doors to the kingdom would be a light to the Gentiles,
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