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God’s Call and the Christian

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A. Spirituality—v. . Those who “eat bread in the kingdom of God.” This means that those who live according to God’s law will be in heaven.

B. Story—vv. . Jesus uses a parable to explain a truth. The Bible offers many invitations:

1. rest—. Rest for the soul.

2. redemption—. Drinking the water of life.

3. rejoicing—. The joy of accepting His invitation.

An invitation is of no value unless it is accepted. Christ offers many invitations. Accept them and enjoy serving Him.


Note the three different excuses. These are the same excuses that man has been using for years.

A. Possessions—v. . A man bought some property and wanted to see it. However, you do not look at property at night. Possessions keep many people from full surrender to God.

B. Work—v. . A man bought some oxen. He wanted to work them at night. However, no farmer works at night! Work and extra work keep many from following the Lord.

C. Family—v. . This man was married and could not attend. However, his wife hadn’t kept him from work or from other duties. The family should not come between God and man. Note the words of Jesus in .

Don’t allow any of these to keep you from following the Lord. Put Christ first (). Allow Him to be your Lord and Master.


A. Command—v. . The servant tells the Master of the excuses. The Master tells him to go out and invite all people to come.

1. Poor—the beggars. Those without money should be invited and welcomed in the church.

2. Maimed—crippled. All men are crippled by sin. They need Christ.

3. Halt—lame. Those who cannot help themselves need Christ.

4. Blind—all men are spiritually blind.

B. Concern—v. . Many are invited; yet there is still room for more to attend.

C. Compelling—v. . Go into the highway and hedges (where the poor dwell) and compel people to come in. Compel means an urgent invitation.

D. Character—v. . Those who had refused could not attend the supper. If we reject Christ, we cannot attend the marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven.

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