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Gain Christ - Outline

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In order to gain, we will suffer. If we treasure, suffering will come
Paul suffered loss
Think about it. Paul, chasing the dream, was promised a life of luxury....just as we are
Contrary to the American Dream. Contrary to popular Christian beliefs (Your Best Life Now)
We aren’t called to consider everything as less valuable than Christ. But we are called to be willing to suffer actual loss
Easy to Talk the talk, harder to walk the walk
What if....Paul never changed
Wouldn’t be the Paul we know today
Paul’s suffering
Job, comfort, friends, belief system
Whole heartedly
Paul’s suffering didn’t stop there
Imprisoned, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, bitten by a snake, verbally abused, persecuted
Question…has your life been completely altered for the sake of Christ?
Not saying you have to quit job, sell everything, ditch friends
Not saying you have to suffer imprisonment, etc.
But…if any of these things are keeping you from pursuing Christ as your treasure…then maybe it’s worth thinking about
Jesus makes it clear
Example: Weightlifting…okay with devaluing everything else, but also okay with suffering actual loss
Times are changing…suffering is coming. bubble is popping
What was his motive to gain Christ?
To be a super Christian, to be the guy, to complete a checklist?
He suffered for the sake of Christ, he suffered to gain Christ.
Not in order to earn
Lots of religions and ideas that teach this
Otherwise…you’d just be shifting the cultural pressures to gain to spiritual pressures to gain
Lots of religions and ideas that teach this
R.C. Sproul - one of my favorite theologians, taught a lot on the holiness of God. And this is a concept I’ve been thinking of
So perfect/righteous/without sin
It’s foolish to think we can gain Christ on our own
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