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Remnant its time to build

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God is commanding all of His remenant to reprioritise their lives to build His house. When we do that the Spirtual leaness that we have seen God Himself will turn around and pour out Spiritual blessing.

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Background to Haggai

Today I want us to look at the book of believe that the Lord would want to speak to us today, concerning His Kingdom and His house, and God is not speaking to just anyone, He is speaking to His remnant today. Who knows that in every generation there is a remnant of God? A people that God sets apart for Himself, a group of people that are dedicated to the purposes, and the plans of God. A group who prioritizes God over and above everything and everyone else. In fact the term remnant, or its equivalent is found in the scripture 95 times. There has always, there is always and there will be always a remnant of God’s people. In fact raise your hands today if you believe that you are a part of God’s remnant? I believe this Church at Elim is squarly within the remnant of God, that as a part of the church we are the type that prioritise God and His purposes.
Despite there beig a remnant of God’s people, and gespite the desire of God’s remenant to put the plans and the purposes of God first, even the faithful remnant, can, becasue of lack of hope, and becasue they do not see anything on the horizon, in terms of the move of God, become discouraged and dissalussioned, and can slip from seeking God’s purposes to their own. They can change their priorities from God’s priorities, to their own. It is in that background that the book of Haggai speaks.
Before I speak about the background of Haggai, I want to talk to you about a concept that is woven through Scripture that I call prphetic patterning. What I mean by prophetic patterning is that God, in certain situations, acts in a certain way towards those situations. In order to clarify lets look at an example.
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