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New Years Resolutions

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lose weight, be healthier, be a kinder person, ....
the end of the year reflections, regrets,
going to make my life better
in 2 weeks to a month we have failed
the resolution we are looking at today is..
intimacy with God through thankfulness and praise
through prayer
what is in the way? what is taking your time away?
what is always disrupting you?

Broken Cisterns

God asks a question Has a nation exchanged gods?
do they worship another god
and they are not even God
the people replaced Gods Glory
replaced intimacy with the almighty with broken trinkets
V11 exchange something beautiful for something worthless
V12 Heaven is appalled
V13 2 evils refusing God’s living water ,,replacing Him with handmade broken pottery

Turn them over

V21 did not honor or thank God
did not make the time for God
other things are more important
possibly working for God
doing good things / every day things
obsessions / distractions
V24 God gave them over
If this is what we want, have at it
you can have it/ but there will be no satisfaction
misery, worry, burnout

One letting go - pulling from the other

satan is also involved
he is there to push, distract, giving you ideas to work for God
kneading your obsessions
we are always in a great struggle

A gradual progression

Hebrews 12:6 LEB
For the Lord disciplines the one whom he loves, and punishes every son whom he accepts.”
the Lord brings us back to the best life He has for us
the Lord lets us go, if we want to go down that road but on a tether


thankfulness turns into praise
when we are thankful we are concentrating on what ..
through that we our heart breaks out in gladness
when we are ungrateful we take Gods goodness for granted

Getting back

so what is keeping you from Gods best for you?
Is your heart filled with gladness?
we need to take inventory of our life / days what is it being filled with?
when we do a financial budget we find out where our money is going and realize why our check is not reaching the end of the week
what are your cisterns?
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