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The Word of God

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The Word of God
The Trinity (God-Jesus-Holy Spirit) has always existed. While on earth Jesus said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”—. Jesus is God in the form of man. He was divine, yet human. He became man to understand man. He was tempted. He became hungry. He grew tired and weary. He had human feelings ().

I. The Word of God—vv.

A. The personal Christ—v. . The eternal Christ was touched by John. John was with Jesus and knew Him in a personal way. We can by faith touch Him. Note .

1. The Word—. The Word (Jesus) was eternally with God. Note: “… the Word was God.”

2. The work—. All things were made by Him. The world didn’t just come into being ().

B. The powerful Christ—v. . Christ, who was God’s eternal messenger, gives to man eternal life—, .

II. The Walk with God—v.

A. Christian fellowship—v. . Christians should have a fellowship with God, Christ and with fellow Christians.

B. Christian fulness—v. . Through Him we have fulness of joy—. The joy of the Lord is permanent.

C. Christian faith—v. . Have faith in Christ, who is the Light. Note the words of , , . Have Christ and you won’t walk in darkness.

D. Christian faithfulness—vv.

1. Indifferent fellowship—v. . An indifferent fellowship is hypocritical.

2. Inspirational fellowship—v. . This is a two-fold fellowship: fellowship with Him and with other Christians.

E. Christian falseness—v. . All Christians do fail. If we deny this we are liars.

III. The Work of God—vv.

A. Confessing—v. . If we confess our sins He will forgive. Note , . Man must confess his sin.

B. Claim—v. . If we claim that we never fail God, then we are untruthful and not pleasing to God.

The all-powerful Christ wants to live within man. As He lives in man He gives divine wisdom, power and understanding. He gives the power to overcome all sin and temptation. Having Him living in us makes us more powerful than Satan, who is in the world—.
Croft M. Pentz, Outlines for Growing Christians, Sermon Outline Series (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1978), 49–50.
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