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Acts 17

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Rejecting the new (1–9).

The Jews in Thessalonica were not interested in the new faith or the “new king” that Paul preached, but the Gentile “God seekers” accepted the gospel and were saved. Read to see the change they experienced.

Investigating the new (10–15).

The next town was just the opposite! The Jews in Berea took time to examine the evidence and study the Scriptures. There are fair-minded people in every nation, and God knows who they are.

Looking for the new (16–34).

The people in Athens “spent their time in nothing else but either to tell or to hear some new thing” (v. 21). How like our world today! The quest for novelty overshadows the search for reality. Paul’s sermon was a masterpiece of tact and teaching, and a few people were converted. Paul offered them “newness of life” through the Resurrection (), and they rejected it.
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