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Good morning, UCF morning. Happy New Year, everybody the beautiful day today great to be in the house of the Lord. Let's go ahead and stand for praise and worship.

In spite of everything that we we go through in our problems in our child's we know that God is still with us smiling over us and protecting us. So we're going to start off with God Has Smiled On Me.

Who is everything?

my past

where's my refund?

I don't know.

but to me

GTA V sinking. Jesus lifted me. I was thinking that she did 15 me.

Hitman The Man Who Can't Nobody Do Is Like Jesus

June 10th

and you

have more power.


Shut up.

That's why we have to pay anything.


a man

Okay, just one quick thing. I'm going to take like a little Personal Privilege right here. If you happen to be a woman who has a bachelor's degree or higher in education. Please see me after service. I would like to extend an invitation to a Delta Sigma Theta sorority Incorporated stretch, which is next Sunday after church. So see me after church if you're interested. Thank you. And let's bring the praise team back. It wasn't recorded anywhere.

On the clap and give the pricing my hand they work so hard.

Just go ahead and stand for praise and worship.

Getting ready to be a new year. This is one of our UCF Anthem. The new season. God is going to keep blessing us and keep on bringing us new new projects and new member to Cheesman.

it's it's

double time in Love no, no

Come on down. If you got a big head, come on, let them up lift him up lift him up lift him up. It's a new season. It's a new day. I like the lyrics to that song because it talks about a fresh anointing a fresh anointing coming our way a fresh anointing a new season of season of prosperity. It's the new season turn to you never said. It's a new season. It's a new season man. I got a lot to go through and I'm just going to ask you to pray for me as I go through this but we want to lift up Sister Brandon in prayer. She lost her uncle just like ours. Was it out earlier this morning early this morning. So we want to keep her lifted up in prayer. Amen. I tell you that never know. What. Going through a man. That's why you always got to keep them encouraged. They men.

Good morning. Good morning, a couple things I want to share in 2018. We really I'm really challenging congregation to kind of Step Up, you know, we need more volunteers. We need more people involved. We need to to take the level of excitement that you might have for this ministry and share it with people. So I think the problem the problem is this if we don't let people know that we're excited about what we're doing here nobody or no. Does that make sense? If you don't tell your family if you don't tell your friends, if you don't tell your co-workers and you just come to church and keep it to yourself nobody or no? The way to where it gets out is when you tell somebody cuz you're excited just like a movie that you see right? Hey, I like that movie. I'm going to tell my friends. I like this church. I'm going to tell my friends a man. I'm invite people to come down soon 2018. Let's get bold about sharing your excitement about this ministry a man. The other thing is is is we always ask your messages when I think about my messages and what God has given to me my messages always deal with relationships and then any relationship it goes both ways, right? That's not a relationship. If one person is always given in the other person is just receiving does that make sense? We have to understand we're in a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. And if God is always giving and you never giving back that's not a relationship a man. You know, that's one way man. Just so when you think about I want you to think about is we go through the message think about 2017. And how are you in that relationship with God? Was it just one way or did you think enough about him to give as much as you could to him? So in 2018 as you were you thinking about reflecting on 2017? Let's make sure we in a deep intimate relationship with God in 2018. Does that make sense? Don't let anybody stop you from you having a joy of being in a relationship with God in 2018. Hey, man, don't let don't let this world. Don't let the internet don't let people to stop you from being in that deep committed relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Does that make sense? I think part of the challenge we having so many things so many things and people and situations circumstance. I was trying to keep us from having the intimacy with God that he really wants to have with us in our relationship. Can we do a lot of stuff on the surface, you know how people are that? They'll do stuff for you because they want to get some out of you. That's not a relationship. That's using. You better know situations, where is always been one-sided? Come on, y'all y'all know what I'm talking about. I love it because you know and I have to say this my wife and I you know, it's always been sometimes we getting each other's way. Try to give to each other right cuz you know what? It's like when you you've been in them situations where it's only one-sided. Can you imagine how God feels keep giving and giving and giving and giving and then we just do the minimum

I want you to think about it cuz if you ever want a successful relationship a successful relationship is always about giving I do premarital counseling you have a couple in yesterday and I said why do you want to get married? Cuz marriage is all about giving relationships are always about giving you can't sit back and not give and being a successful relationship and I want you to transfer that to your relationship with God. You can't just let God do everything and not get back to him soon 2017. I want you to take a look back cuz God has done a lot for all of us. We are here right now because he keeps giving his love. His mercy and his grace. He keeps healing our bodies. He keeps providing for us financially. He keeps on giving. And what you have to look in this is personal cuz Pastor can can't tell you how your relationship is. You have to look inside.

Is this relationship something that? God is happy with

Is he happy with what I'm giving back in this relationship? Or have I been giving more giving more than what I'm giving. That's what channel is it? That's what I want you to reflect on today this we go through this message, you'll see that that the psalmist have to ask a question. What can I render what can I give back to God? Because he's given so much to me a man just want you to read the description with me is going to come from Psalm 116. We going to read versus 12 13 and 14. Amen. We going to rain in from the new century version translation cuz it reads a little easier the King James talks about rendering and it and you know, unless you read the King James. You mean not thoroughly understand when you there OK Psalm 116 verse. Well, let's meet there together. What can I give the Lord for all the good things? He has given to me first 13th. I will lift up the cup of Salvation and I will pray to the Lord finally verse 14. I will give the Lord what I promise in front of all his people know sweetheart confession of Faith. Let's let's deal with this is a final 2017 Define time. We going to say his family confessional fake on Sunday morning. We might do it this evening depends on what the Lord leads came in. But repeat this after me. I'm not move. But what I see. about what I feel Animal by what I believe I believe the word of God the victory is mine. I haven't now. I can see it through the eyes of my faith. In Jesus name. Amen. I give God the praise that you can give him. Come on. If you have to open up your mouth to give him some praise open up your mouth to give God some praise in a blessing to you. Amen. And then you may be seated in the presence of the Lord. So as we stand at the beginning of the new year.

I want us all to take a look back at the past.

the past 12 months And I think as a Believer we should never forget to exercise. That thing to look back.

Because sometimes in the midst of it and I was sure what it would brother rent sometimes in the midst of us doing stuff. So all the time we forget what we already have. We forget how God has already blessed us. We're so busy trying to do stuff. Now, we don't recognize all the blessings that God has given her so sometimes we have to take time and reflect. Because you know what? If you don't take time to reflect situations or circumstances will cause you to sit your tail down and reflect.

And I think I would rather do it on my own that I have some kind of circumstance sit me down while I have to think about. What I've gone through a man. So I think as Believers we need to do not neglect this exercise, especially today to take some time to look back over to your now you may not have everything you want. Everything may not be perfect. But I will bet you it is not as bad as you think it is and it's not as good as you think it is, but if you look back you can bet you you can find things to give God praise for I will picture you take a few minutes and go back just over 2017. You will find ways and things that you can lift your hands up and say, thank you Lord. I bet you if you take a few minutes and not let live let the circumstances today. You serve all your time and you reflect. You can take some joy into 2018.

Don't neglect this exercise to reflect. We see in a text. The Israelites were charged by the songwriter to remember all the ways the Lord had left them and how he's been good to him. If you read once someone 16 you finance look at the text will see. It did all the work. He been a blessing to the Israelites here taking care of David and and protected him and when you stop and think about it, God has done some things for you that you could not do for yourself.

Hey, man.

So does Solomon's gets to this point? He asked this question in verse 12. What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? What a great time right now to ask that question. What can I offer God for all that? He's done for me. How can I step it up in this relationship? How can I make sure that he's pleased in this relationship and it's not just a one-way relationship that I'm giving as much as I can possibly get.

But I'm not forgetting about him on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until Saturday evening. I realize I got to go to church on Sunday.

But he's always a part of the relationship in everything that I do and every decision. I'm making every thought I have I'm always seeking him. How can I let him know how important he is to me?

What can I offer? For all he's done.

So some of us may have a hard time thinking about the blessings.

And I think sometimes we need to stop and arrange and classify God's blessings. Even understand the vastness.

Of what he's done in our lives. Check this out.

What are the blessings is the food the clothing the shelter in the health?

That's what you young people. Maybe I'll not too interested that but for those of us on this side of 50 food call and especially health. Biggest shoes. Amen. I can give God praise about just being able to wake up and breathe right? They man. That's what I'm talking about. That's worth giving God praise when I realize God you have blessed me with this gift of life. I want to get back to you.

It may seem like a little bit but you end up in the hospital.

And see how much you appreciate when you walk up out of there.

Pictures of benefits of the Mind the knowledge the wisdom and his word do you not realize that we can operate in this crazy world unless we use the word of God. It's a light. It's a lamp. It's as if it helps us to see. If we don't call on him to get directions about decisions how to deal with crazy. How to deal with crazy situation how to deal with your own craziness.

I mean when your myself in situations and caught up and stuff we wondered how did I get here? If it had not been for the word of God many of us want to be sitting right here.

I have to stop and think about the Lord. I was about to make a decision. I'm already in your word you said is it going to be me or you?

When he hit me with that the decision I was about to make was all about me. And when he saying is it going to be me and you want to please or do you want to please then? I recognize what I was about to do was only going to please me and it wasn't going to please him. So I had to stop but it was the wisdom of his work.

I so want to think about he didn't spank me and he didn't chastise me. He just reminded me you in a relationship. Is it going to be me? Want to come to you? Who you going to please? But it had not been for his word. I wouldn't know that. Does that make sense how many times have you read the word and you got a revelation of what you were supposed to do?

Come on. Yeah. He also gives us benefits of the stove.

I'll be all we want but let's take what we have and make it the best cuz I believe that what God is saying. I want to see if you appreciate what you have here before I release you into something else. Freedom in your personal situation. Still put a roof over your head that you like, but it's a roof over your head and still put clothes on your back on your back on your feet. Abundance of food on the table. God is still blessing you.

Free sometimes we so worried about stuff that's unimportant. We forget all the good stuff we have do you know folks are losing loved ones every day and some of us can look around and see all our loved ones. Come on, y'all. Sometimes we need to reflect. Oh how good we have it or how much God has given to us? And then ask the question mark what can I give back to you?

We worry about the party in who's going to see me in who's going to do this. Wait a minute. Stop and reflect. I have an appointment. I have so much I can Sharon. A man, sometimes you wonder why people don't like me and all my God.

What a waste of time when you have an abundance of blessings that God has given to you.

Hey to stop there. He gave us Jesus.

Imma, say it again. He gave us Jesus. And would Jesus comes this abundance of blessings? The first one is salvation.

Christy I don't understand what I'm talking about, you know to know that you saved and to know that when you leave out of here you going to be in the presence of the Lord that brings Joy right there he did that for me. He didn't I didn't do anything to deserve it. But because he loves me he gave me Jesus salvation so I can be with my father for the rest of Eternity. reflect on that reflect on that and then the latest video game and what they saying about you on Facebook really won't matter.

a man

and then for some of us he brings what I call Sanctified afflictions. And that's when people we don't let in our lives create havoc, and we got to run to Jesus.

That's when sickness comes and we got to call on his name. That's when the money runs short and we got to go to Our Father who has a cattle on a thousand hills and know that it all belongs to us and you know stuff that we got to go through so that we can call on the name of Jesus and remember that he's in a relationship with us. So I can reflect on that. I can reflect back in January and how we are going to leave that alone. But my wife knows amen. so when the songwriter realizes in his reflection All the God is done. He says what can I give back to you? if you make this thing personal Did you make this thing apart of your life this relationship you won't get tired? Because you know, I can't do it now. I want to do more God give me the ability to do more. Nobody has to get you fired up and excited to give God praise cuz you know you in a relationship with someone who loves you, you know, you were in a relationship with someone who cares about, you know, you're in a relationship with someone who has provided for you. You don't have to get somebody to get you excited about giving somebody. Thanks and praise when you already know what he's done for you.

Start the think. Couple days. I've been out sick. And I was sitting there and I was like Lord. I Thank you for this this time. Because sometimes we get the running doing 500 things a minute. Getting nothing accomplished and stressed about an important thing. But I had opportunity this week to sit back and reflect. And I realize God has been good to me this month. in November and October and September and August and July and June and you go way back. I don't forget all the bus.

But when you stop and think about it and see what the devil don't want you to do is stop and reflect on how good God is he wants to stay busy and all of this drama today? That's what it is is unimportant drama a man. So when the song that says where can I get it? What can I give back to God? I realize that I have some obligations about when I'm in this relationship of God's a obligations. So you can't be married to someone and not realize you have obligations to that person. There are expectations in a relationship a man relationship. It was a mother child or father child lower. It was a relationship doing so they had expectations just like as children. We had expectations of our parents. You're supposed to take care of me. Hey, man. You supposed to give me stuff that I don't really need but I want it. You going to put up with my attitude in my issues cuz we're in a relationship. Are you know when that relationship breaks down somebody suffers?

So I think about it. I'm in this relationship and got could clearly reminds me the expectations that my wife has. and the ones that I have of her and he says in relationship with me you have some obligations cuz I'm going to do what I said I was going to do I need you to do what you said you were going to do. Now how many of us have your being honest don't raise your hand. But if you're being honest you have faulted on your relationship cuz you promise God that you was going to do something. You haven't done it.

I got it yet. Still doing what he said he would do. How many did you get me out of this out never or I will how many of us have said that and we find ourselves right back in the same situation defaulting on the promise that it's that we gave to God in the relationship.

That's kids, you know you started lying to your parents. That's a default on the relationship. Amen, you start doing what you want to do instead of what's important to the relationship default on the obligation. And I tell people all the time. When there is a problem in a relationship and stems from a place of trust, I don't trust you anymore cuz you keep telling me you're going to do something you don't do it.

I'm trying to help someone here reflect back because you're in a relationship that has obligations and expectations as Believers as Christians. We can't call on the name of Jesus and not know that he's expecting us to act a certain way to do certain things to be a light for him. We can just do everything in the world to call ourselves Christian. There's a magician in this relationship reflect back on it. How did you tell Dad you were going to live in 2017? And did you do it? Should I come to realize that God demands surrender of my heart?

He was what I mean by that. It goes back to that the decision I was about to make it today either him or me when you surrender your heart to die. You always want to make sure. He's please. So you become second in the relationship hear me out. You become second in the relationship. It's God first and then your needs see people come to me and said we're not working at all. We have are irreconcilable differences and I say to you you both being selfish. There's no such thing as a irreconcilable differences when I call you answer. All you're doing is thinking about the other person to make sure the other person is please.

We wonder why the Christian divorce rate is so high. Because we forgotten that in a relationship you're putting someone above you.

Oh, it's quiet in here. Y'all supposed to be saying hallelujah pass the praise the Lord You You Preach that man. You you say that. What I hear is crickets.

Cuz I know you're reflecting a man everybody reflected because you really have to stop and think about this hard in the relationship with God. Do you think you should bring them because you're doing a lot of Christian things. I work at the church and I do nice things and I do a lot of stuff. But have you surrendered your heart. After the stuff you do? He's after your heart. What's the name of the man? I have to put that in perspective. What does that mean? That sounds really sensitive and you know God I just

What is the all of this surrender my heart stuff?

And I will say this and we all have a spirit. Well, maybe not the younger kids, but if you 21 and over, imma use that cuz I'm concerned about anyone under 21 talk about they let me stop. Let me say this, you know that time when you were so in love.

That you couldn't get enough of that person. That when they came around something just happened in you. That no matter what they said or did you were alright with it? How you ignored a bunch of stuff? Cuz you was in love. Come on. Y'all y'all know what I'm talking about that first time and even got some in the pit of your stomach as you was trying really take a hold of you know, cuz it was just what is this? Let me tell you something when we get in that space in relationship with God. That's when I believe you surrendered your heart.

What you think about that?

See the other thing not only does he demand that we surrender a heart. He asks us to do work to represent him with a cheerful heart.

Let me tell you what that means. Is she right here in Autumn, right? to Brandi life behind the scenes

What's a Brandy? Can you you guys sing the song? She'll be like okay past.

I don't know what happens behind the scene, but eventually guess what they're up here nursing in the song. I never hear a complaint. Never once said oh, let me pray about that. You know, that's the whole new Christian thing. Now, you know, I don't really want to do it. Let me pray about it, you know.

You know house really just say no, then you know that, you know, I'll let me let me let me pray about it. You know, I don't know I got to consult all the people in the world. Let me let me pray about it. If you let me tell you that this is a freebie don't come to me with let me pray about it cuz I equal that to know and then I just don't ask anymore it man. Hey, man, I gotta pray about it. Now. You don't you don't work for the Lord? I only pray about

so cheerful heart because here's why if you're doing things with a disgruntled spirit and somebody from the outside looks at you. Why would they serve God?

It's getting to the point where Christians are complaining about everything and not reflected on all the stuff that God is doing everybody got a reason why they don't want to do something for the kingdom of God. I'm too busy. I'm busy yourself.

McDonald priority

Come on, y'all 2018 if we don't make that a priority what happens if he stops giving to us the way he's been given to us? Then we won't have an attitude. I can't believe you did this.

Who would stay in a relationship where it's only one way?

Surrender Your Heart cheerful spirit And then he demands that we benefit others. Parents benefit the children's husbands and wives benefit each other Christians benefit the community, you know benefit your neighbors are cuz we're supposed to be a blessing to others. See if you if you look back over over 2017 and you haven't done anything for anyone else without expecting something back. Check your relationship with God.

Y'all still Whitney? Liquid Exodus chapter 16 verse 16 says these are the Lord's instructions. Each household should gather as much as it needs and pick up two chords for each person in your tent. So make sure everybody is taken care of don't just get for you. That's why we always say even in the food Ministry if you get some getting up and be a blessing to someone else. And I just let me get this. I don't want no get enough and be a blessing to someone else. That's why we said.

I come to realize God's benefits are not to be horde and then we're supposed to be givers the way that stings works in the Christian Community is that we give God gives back to us weekend. Sweet gifts. God gives back to us in the world is you get and you keep it.

Does that make sense? We can't operate in this room Christian world like we do in the world cuz in the world says you'll be selfish and you get yours in the kingdom of God is as you keep giving all you keep doing nothing. Abusing you you keep doing cuz I'm going to keep blessing you.

So look back. Did you stop giving because you thought somebody was getting over on you?

Did you stop doing for the kingdom of God cuz somebody didn't recognize you. Did you stop doing it because you gave it all and it wasn't appreciated. You keep giving. You keep giving and you keep giving because God is going to continue to give to you. Does that make sense?

Now here's something I realized Christ is supposed to be the model for love in each of Our Lives. What did he do? He died for us. That's how much he loves us a somebody who would die for me who would take my place when I should be punished. That would be like having the best friend to say. Okay, man, you did wrong, but I'ma let them beat me. You can go find that many people. baby mama

I doubt that he will.

We just wired differently do I cheat you did use you you made that bed. You going to lie in it?

But Jesus did. Beverly sent committed he took on the punishment.

So my model for love is his model for love towards me.

He still patient with me. He still kind towards me. He still gives to me. Even in the midst of me still doing stuff that I know I shouldn't be doing. Does that make sense? So we have a model the model of Love is Jesus. And I like this because it says he Demands a passionate concern for his glory. See the reason why we give God praise is not for us is so that he will get Glory. Free sometimes we think I want people to think I'm cute with my praise are you know, I got it down it. So I'll I'll drop a little speaking in tongues and I'll do a little dance off of you. But when you truly giving God praise, it doesn't matter who's around you because your praise is coming from your heart and your concerns that he gets glory and everything that you do. That's why we doing your concern and your love for him is that he will get the glory You get a job promotion. He gets the glory you get money back on your income tax.

Does that make sense?

Tell your neighbor you got to glorify God.

And then I'll say it like you mean you have to glorify God. See see when you said men are I got to get better at this giving God glory thing because he deserve the glory. I got to work or not. I've been half-stepping it. I kind of mediocre with that have to learn to give God glory for every blessing that he is given to me. Because when people see me giving God glory they will say what are you doing? And I will tell them from when's my blessings come.

And why I do what I do. And why I don't worry about some of the stuff that folks in the world worried about. Because at the end of the day, I know where I'm going to be. I'm going to be with my heavenly father for eternity.

So God wants you to trust him.

Look look look at what the text says and Isaiah 26 and 3.

You meaning God will keep in perfect. Peace. All who trust in you. Ain't that just fixed on you is trust in the Lord always for the Lord God is the Eternal Rock. You'll know what to do. Go to the word of God trust him. You'll know what to say go to the word of God speak the word of God trust it. All you have to do is trust God did not say earlier relationships are broken because there's lack of trust. But when you learn to trust God your relationship deepens and then he can learn to trust you. amen in Philippians chapter 4 verse for the Bible says always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again Rejoice responses. Let everyone see that you are considering in all you do remember the Lord is coming soon. For 6 and don't worry about anything instead pray about everything. It says Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done. Here's what I need Lord, but I'm a thank you for what you've already done. Here's what I needed, Thank you for what you've already done. Here's what I need. Thank you for what you've already done.

Now I got to look back on my life and figure and find those places where I forgot to thank him for what he's already done. Cuz I didn't ask you to him for what I need, but I forget to thank him for what he's already done. Does that make sense?

Emperor 7 the text that then you will experience God's peace. Which exceeds anything we can understand his peace will guard your hearts and Minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

I'm asking for what I need. I'm going to thank you for what you already done. Does that make sense and Hebrews chapter 13 verse 5 and 6 the Bible says in the New Living Translation. They said don't love money.

Be satisfied with what you have. See, that's the problem. We don't forget to thank God for what he's already done it when we already have cuz we keep trying to get more. Well, they say Mo Money Mo Problems. Okay. I know y'all listening and I'm just wondering you know.

It's funny how some of them rappers know more about the word of God and we do. 90 twisting it up But they have clothing scriptures.

It says Don't Love Money be satisfied with what you have for God has said I will never fail you. I will never abandon you and verse 6 and said so you can say with confidence. The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear what can mere people do to me.

Then why you no more?

Oh my gosh.

The Lord is my helper. I'm content with my relationship with him. Amen.

Jackson Avery, what will you give to the Lord for all? his benefits

So I think it's reasonable for all of us to ask these questions and you can ask in the spirit number one. Is it not reasonable for me to give my best to God in 2018? Ask question you can ask yourself. I'm not going to hold back anymore. I come to realize is I get older life is too short. Why would I hold back on giving somebody on my love? Especially somebody has provided for me more than what I could do for myself anything to prove to accept a man and when I give him my all somebody going to get on fire cuz they don't see the fire me you need to ignite your fire for the Lord you need to in 2018 put on a plane. Cuddle or am I got these little burners, you know these little matches they don't live like that bad baby up in 2018 and be on fire for the Lord.

I'm telling you life is too short.

If I give my best to God, I might have that won't that be the safest thing for me to do in 2018? Do you know what some of us have given so much time energy and effort to come to companies and businesses who didn't treat you, right?

Woman be a safe bet to say if I gave all that to a company who did me wrong, but when I give it all to God who's always going to do me, right?

Does that make sense?

If I give my best to God, it's safe to say that's going to bring me joy in 2018 cuz you know what people disappoint me situations and circumstances of disappoint me one who's never disappointed me was Christ Jesus. I think that would be a fake thing to do he meant if I don't get my energy time and effort anything. Imma give it to the Lord.

And I think finally that's going to be the most profitable thing to do with my life in 2018. If I consider this a business.

There's a lot of things you can invest in. people situations circumstances, but let me tell you why I think you going to get no you going to get the best return on your investment is when you invest in the Lord.

When you say God, I'm putting my all in you. You going to get the biggest return on your investment? Has been in financial services what I know everything else goes.

Did you catch it up here is good. But right is going to go down here. That's never the case with the Lord. It's always up here. amen

So in conclusion if you agree. Let the congregation say so. Can I give God a big hand of praise?

So I guess the next step for us. It's the 31st of December 2017.

Read the Bible in a year. Reverse the oh my gosh. That's too much how I don't even pick up the Bible. No Limit, let me let me let me say this to you challenge yourself it takes about five minutes a day. To read through the Bible in the year. We all got 5 minutes we can stop and read the Bible. There are enough plans out there. If you need a plan let the pastor know put it on your connection cards that I need a plan. I'll get you a plan. Is usually some chapters out of the Old Testament some chapters out of Psalms and Proverbs some chapters out of the New Testament and you do it on a daily basis. I will tell you if you read through the Bible is going to open up your understanding your relationship with God like never before. I will challenge you you going to get into some parts with those names don't make sense, you know, keep pushing through.

And I'm going to ask you.

To take on this challenge, but before you do go to God In Prayer. Because as soon as you said yes, I'm going to do this. The devil's going to come up with a 5 million reasons why you should a man and know that the enemy don't want you to get the truth and the truth is in the word of God. Summer Challenge all of us to read through the Bible and I need everybody here prayer for church growth not only individuals but those that are here to grow in the knowledge of the law. I know a lot of folks who been going to church and they don't know nothing about God. Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking but how strong can we be when situations and circumstances come out and we don't know nothing about the God we serve. We have to wait until somebody tells us know you can get it for yourself. And I believe that God is giving you everything you need to have the intimate relationship with him through his word.

I need people who are connected with this ministry to grow spiritually. We we got to move past the milk. I'm moving to the meet. Because stuff is around the corner that if you still drinking milk, you won't be able to handle. But when you have the meat of the word you be like I'm fighting in the spirit. And people will not stay but if you and the milk of the word you'll collapse. Does that make sense?

And then make every Sunday back to church Sunday. Every Sunday is back to tell someone that maybe they've been in church and they don't go now come on back to church. Come down to UCF. They do things a little different there they small but they growing the word is talk, but you can drink some coffee in the sanctuary and maybe like what?

You even have a pastry in the Saints worth and sometimes the kitchen ministry will cook some grits.

Maybe like I'm coming down and it's hurts, you know.

So I'm a I'm going to take my seat. I'm having Deacon bass come out and he's going to share with you amazing gift that if you haven't accepted. I admonish you to accept this gift a man so they can pass if you come on up.

Let the Church Say Amen Past always bring a good message seemed like you preaching to me. You know that I can think about some things then. I done I look back over my life pet that I've done that I shouldn't have done but But it's two things that I did do and I asked the Lord if he getting me through this I won't do that no more. I got to put in the roller coast. And they scared me so bad. I said Lord, if you just let me get out of this you won't have to worry about me no more and I ain't been in one cent. And then when I was smoking and having a shot, I asked the Lord I'm tired of this. I don't want this no more take this away from me in 1983. He did and I haven't had any sense. So what I'm trying to say, if you serious when you asked the Lord for something, then you won't do it anymore. If you ask can get you out of this and you don't go back and then the guy that was singing with me. And that he was a new, on with the group and he called me on the phone and told me that. my granny daughter have it is is passed away. and we need a couple hundred dollars to it did to the gift of the Maji ready to get things going and I got touched my heart. He wanted $200, but he said no you let him have a hundred. And then they told me he said man said you better than me, but I never would have let him have that I said but one thing about it over the years have God touch my hard for me to give it then I give it because since I gave that $100 I told her I said well, I bought it cheap. I don't have to worry about him anymore. And I say I still living I still got a roof over my head. I still got a few dollars in my pocket so that $100 that I didn't missed. So you got the same way Jeezy it when you want you to come. He wants you to come to him and he going to make life better for you. God is so good. I pray for us every day. Bad to say I send Lord. Thank you for the what you already have done for us. And thank you for the thing that you have in store for us. Cuz you been better to us than we been to ourselves you bless us. Now those some have started out with us. In 2017 no longer.

But all we can hope is that they had they business fixed with Jesus.

You know that God is the is the answer to all our problems and I want to spend my eternity with him. I want to sing and that Heavenly Choir that he have that it isn't about no preacher DC at singing. So I want to be able to sing in that Heavenly Choir praise him all day long. So if anyone hears under the Ark of Safety. You haven't given your life to Christ now is the time.

There's still room. God don't want none of us to Paris. He want us all to come to him. So if we don't spend our Return of the life with him what we going to spend it at down and hell that's yours. There's a heaven day is Hell.

So God is waiting on us and there's still plenty of room at the cross.

So well we have done what God have required us to do.

So we can't. We can't let Mama make it Buzz chicken teachers. Grandmama can't see him but we got to see him fly cells.

God bless you. So now we getting ready to take our tithes and offering.

Let us pray father God we come now at this hour and we come thanking you for just a little father. We thank you for this off in the evening before we receive it. By the way. Yes, you will bless those that have a desire to Gill but have not bless those that do give Lord and give it back lord in 1060 on the fold father. We thank you and we praise you in Jesus name and put his sex and all of God's children said amen.

Is a reality giving y'all.

So now I'm giving God my 10% that he has blessed me with. And I wished everyone else. What do the same thing? You've got it at 10% I'll give it mine. And I wanted to Keep On Blessing Me Like You have already.

Okay, let us pray father now. We thank you for this often. Once again, Lord and father. We thank you for all those that gave it operations for all the way as you let it be used for the purpose. It was taken a building a kingdom here on Earth for you father. We love you and we praise you and Jesus name in for his sake sit all I got sugar and said amen.

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