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Christmas Eve Morning

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Questions to ask when reading about someone in the Bible:
Who is this person? Where are they from? When were they born?
What did they do? or Why are they here?
Why are they here?
How did they possibly feel? or What might they have been thinking?
1 - Gabriel
Appears 3 times (Daniel, Zechariah and Mary); Was feared when seen
Announced the birth of Jesus
Was feared when seen
2 - Mary
Likely a very young girl 15 or so.
Submitted to God’s will and gave birth to Jesus
scared? Honored
4 - scared? Honored
3 - Joseph
Not biologically his father, but legally was. last mentioned in when Jesus was twelve
Supported Mary, believed the angel, physical father to Jesus
honored, confused, scared
4 - Baby Jesus
God in a baby’s body
Not born in a hospital or house, but put in a manger after he was born
5 - Shepherds
Not well respected, outside all night; Cared for the lambs used for temple ceremonies
Cared for the lambs used for temple ceremonies
Heard the news from an angel, saw Jesus the night he was born
excited to tell everyone about what they had seen; Did not hesitate
Did not hesitate
6 - Wise Man
likely from Asia, wealth, influential
Were looking for the star to announce the coming of the savior; Brought wealth
Brought wealth
Dad had stayed home that evening. His wife and children were attending the church’s Christmas program and they had wanted him to go with them, but he was tired and looked forward to a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. He did not make a point of this, but the truth is he had little use for religion. That Christmas stuff is all right for children, he supposed, but Santa and Frosty and Rudolph and Baby Jesus in a manger, well, he had put all that away when he became a man.
Suddenly, Dad realized he had a visitor in the house. A bird was loose and flying around. Perhaps it had come through the door when he brought groceries in earlier. Or through a window. But here it was, flitting from room to room, looking for a way out.
Quickly, Dad opened the back door and using a broom, tried to drive the bird out. But the little guy flew into a back bedroom. Dad went in and swatted at it, driving it into the hallway. Then, the bird flew right into a closed window, and was momentarily stunned. “Poor stupid thing,” Dad thought. “I’m trying to help it, if he would just let me.”
For the next five minutes, the frustrated man followed that bird throughout the house as both became exhausted. All the while, Dad kept thinking, “If I could just make him see. I’m trying to help. I don’t want to hurt him. Everything I’m doing is for him.”
Suddenly, something occurred to him. “If I could become a bird, I could tell him in his language. But that would be the only way I can get this across to him. I’d have to become like him.”
At that moment, a light dawned on him. “That’s the point of Christmas, of Jesus being born in Bethlehem. God was becoming one of us in order to speak to us, to get His message across.”
At that point, the bird flew out the door, and Dad closed it. Then, he went into his room and changed clothes and drove to the church. He arrived just in time for the beginning of the Nativity play. His family was delighted to see him. 
It was the best Christmas ever for Dad and his family.
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