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God desires God's peoples to wake up and experience the gifts associated with God's salvation.

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Gift of Victory

In the opening passage, God commands His people to wake up. In fact, commands via a double imperative. He says, “Awake, Awake!” God responds to the God’s people with the same language they expressed to Him. In chapter 51:9 the people of God called on God to wake up and put on strength to deliver them as God done in the past. In order to understand the irony here, you must understand that people of God’s present predicament was a product of their rejection of God’s providence, God’s protection, and God’s path. Brothers and sisters, how often do we find ourselves in precarious predicaments simply because we willingly decided to reject God’s providence, God’s protection, and God’s path for our lives. We avoid the warning signs along the way, continue along the wrong way, find our way to a dead, and then have the nerve to blame God for end up at a dead end. Have you been there? Are you there there right now? The good news of our text day and the good news of Christmas is that there is no point of no return in God’s economy. In other words, God will never deny you an opportunity to make a U-turn and return to Him. That’s why God responds to his people’s call for Him to wake by telling His people to wake up because he’s the God’s that neither slumbers nor sleeps. Alongside the double command to awake comes the double command to put on garments of strength and splendor. These commands rally Israel in exile to wake up and see the demise of their captors . The uncircumcised and the unclean refer to those who are ritually unclean, here probably the Babylonians. In other words, God is telling his people that very thing thing that captured them will no longer have control over them IF they wake up and put their trust in them! IN other words, God is telling his people to wake up and experience the gift of victory that can only be found in Him.

Gift of Vindication

Gift of Voice

Gift of Vocation

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