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Good morning Veritas Church, my name is Stewart and I’m one of your pastors. If you haven’t noticed, this morning is very unique. For one, it’s Christmas Eve and that’s pretty special. Two, if you usually attend the 9a gathering, welcome to 11a! If you forgot that we were only having one gathering today at 11a but you got here at 9a, thank you for helping us setup!
But third, we have some faces with us this morning that usually are in their classrooms on Sunday mornings. Our elementary aged students are gathered with their parents this morning and I want you guys to know, we’re glad you’re here. Our Veritas Kids teachers are incredible, so parents, rest assured that they are not just learning Bible stories, but they’re learning about the true gospel of Jesus and the grace and mercy that he freely gives to those that submit to him as Savior.
But elementary kids, you’re welcome in here anytime. Your church is proud of you and your church loves you. At the same time, notice we don’t have of those special Christmas Eve service candles that everyone gets to light and hold. I know some of our elementary boys who are little pyros. FCA wants to keep their auditorium burn free.
Jokes aside, I’m excited to be with you this morning and I’m super excited to be preaching . Because of how the book of Ruth is laid out, Jacob really left us on a cliffhanger from last week. We see Boaz ready to be the kinsman redeemer but there is someone who has the right to it before he does.
Now, I know some of you may be gathering with us for the first time so I want to take just a second to catch us up.
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