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1 John Bible Study- Week 3

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V. 12
ILL: Throwing out pitch at Reds game (once in a lifetime)
Your sins have been forgiven.
The strongest encouragement they could have been given.
Forgiven- to release or let go, to release from legal relation, pardon.
Perfect tense. Emphasizes present or ongoing result of a completed action.
Have been forgiven, are being forgiven, will be forgiven.
On account of his name.
Nothing we have done to deserve it.
ILL: Christmas gifts from people (didn’t deserve it at all)
V. 13
V. 13
You have come to know.
They truly knew God.
This word too is in the perfect tense
Have known, know, will know.
The one who is from the beginning
Beginning of creation, gospel, and church
Young men
Doesn’t have to be young. Can be anyone
Again, present perfect.
Conquered the evil one.
Ethical and spiritual
V. 14
Written to you children
This part sometimes occurs in verse 13, depending on your translation.
Again, present perfect.
Nearly exact repetition, just tense of verb has changed.
Reminds them all
Their sins have been forgiven.
They have come to know Jesus.
They have conquered the evil one.
They have come to know the Father
They are strong.
God’s word remains in them.
How does John’s use of perfect tense verbs to describe our relationship with God, give encouragement to you for the future?
Which one of John’s statements to his readers gives you the most encouragement in your standing with the Lord and why? 1. Your sins have been forgiven. 2. You have come to know Jesus. 3. You have conquered the evil one. 4. You have come to know the Father. 5. You are strong. 6. God’s word remains in you.
V. 15
Do not love the world
May seem like a contradiction to .
John uses the term “world” 3 different ways-
the created universe (, , )
humans living in the world (, )
An evil organized earthly system controlled by the evil one (, , )
He uses the 3rd meaning here.
If you love the world, you cannot love the Father.
You cannot serve 2 masters ()
V. 16
Clarifies the writer’s meaning of the world.
This short list is general, encompassing any vices we have.
We feel like “these things seem natural.”
We are not sinful because we sin. We sin because we are sinful. -Danny Akin
ILL: Doing childish things doesn’t make children a child (some of you ladies have probably seen some grown men doing childish things). Being a child makes children do childish things.
V. 17
The only way to fix this disposition to sin is becoming a child of God (doing his will)
In a sense, love is neutral. The object of our affection is where our decision lies.
Take a moment to observe the pattern below, in the passage. Summarize John’s message in vv. 15-17 in 1 sentence.
V. 18
Antichrist is coming
Antichrist speaks of the final antichrist in the tribulation.
Many antichrists
Anyone against Christ.
In what ways do you see “antichrists” working today? According to verse 18, how should antichrists at work encourage Christians?
ILL: All the people standing up against Christians (judicial system, other religions, etc.)
This should actually encourage believers because the return of Christ is imminent.
V. 19
“Christians” who were among their fellowship, but left them.
Didn’t lose their salvation, never really were a part of it.
Because salvation is ongoing (perfect tense).
This doesn’t mean that every person who leaves the church isn’t saved. Only God can judge.
God made it clear they weren’t Christians.
ILL: I don’t think church splits are from God. God wants his church to succeed. When people are fighting over the color of carpet, how much to put in budgets, or where to take mission trips, that isn’t of God. However, when you are preaching the word of God and people take offense and leave, God could be working to show the church that certain people weren’t truly “of them.”
V. 20-23
20- Anointing- indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
21- They did know the truth. They had be saved by the truth. He was reminding them of what they already knew.
22- Anyone who denies Jesus is the antichrist and a liar
23- In order to be saved, you must believe in Jesus.
ILL: This is one of the problems of other religions. Everyone can’t all be right.
V. 24-27
25- We are promised eternal life
26- Another reason for his writing, false teachings.
27- Anointing remains, doesn’t come and go.
Read verse 27 and write down everything the anointing from the Holy Spirit does for the Christian. How does each of these help the believer?
Anointing remains (doesn’t leave), teaches (if we were truly in tune with the Spirit, we wouldn’t need anyone to teach us), is true (hasn’t lied to them like false teachers), has taught.
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