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Psalm 54

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Illus: Power in Name Brands
As the Superscription indicates is like and describes David’s flight from Saul.
The personal lament of David now identifies as Scripture and now all believers can relate to what David is saying because we understand more is going on in the world than what meets the eye.
1-2 Prayer for deliverance
3 Reason for the prayer
4 Affirmation of trust
5 Resolution of the prayer
6 Thanksgiving for deliverance
MP: verse 4
Save me—vindicate me: God alone must come to protect and rescue his child from evil.
Why can David have confidence? Because God has saved in the past—Scripture reading is so important. It shows us how God has moved in the past and informs us how to handle the present and have hope for the future.
By your name—God revealed his name to Moses. .
For the Hebrews the name reveals the characteristics and essential nature of the one who has it.
He has shown his might in the Exodus.
He is the covenantal God of Israel.
Strangers: either non-Israelites or Israelites who have turned against the Lord.
They have little regard for God or fellow human beings and insist on their rights and desires without empathy or mercy.
Illus: Going on a hike in the Everglades with Jon Hart. If I kept my eyes on him I’d probably be ok. But if I just ignored him and walked around on my on and where I wanted to wouldn’t end well for me.
The center of the Psalm shifts attitude. From worry to confident trust.
It is ok to worry it is natural to experience all of the emotions that life brings with it...the question though is how do we respond...with fear? Or with faith?
David has a clear trust in the Lord and calling out to Him is a way that ignites this trust.
What in your life do you think is sustaining you, when in reality...only the Lord can? It may be something good and wholesome. But nothing compares to the Lord.
You can have a good job, a great marriage or love life, well behaved kids, no worries, a long life and spend eternity in hell.
–joy and a willing spirit after repentance.
Why—51:13 so that he can teach God’s ways.
God is my help— Eve to Adam.
Thus, in the creation account, the appropriate relationship of a man and woman realizes God’s intended completeness for humanity.
The woman then is viewed as fulfilling the role of God in completing the ability of humankind to relate appropriately among itself as God is able to relate fully within himself.
The resolution of the prayer lies is the conviction that God is just. He will not permit his children to suffer without vindication. Therefore, this lament is not vindictive but expressive of trust in divine justice. Evil will be repaid.
David’s Eschatology affects his ethical behavior.
What happens when you are reminded of how great an awesome the Lord is and how sure and true his promises well up with praise. We praise God for how He is working now and hears us now, but also because we know the future that is coming.
Not only will Christ bring the victory over sin and death and evil...we will share in that victory.
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