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The Humble Beginnings of a Savior

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Theme: God Chose the Humble that All might be Humble Purpose: Humbly receive the greatest gift of Jesus Gospel Connection: Jesus identified with the humble in his incarnation Mission Connection: Disciple's take up their crosses (walk in humility).

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Introduction: Magic Trick Disappearing Tooth pick.
What does Paul mean God made something out of Nothing.

God Chose the Humble.

Throughout the Bible, God often Chose the Humble.
The Nation of Israel to begin with - Abraham a sojourner
God said of Israel - The least among the nations
Gideon, David - Men look on outward appearances, God looks on the inside.
Jesus Came as one who was humble -
He was called a Nazarene.
He was of Kingly Descent, but because of suppression of the Davidic Line - He became a Refugee, and grew up in some ways in hidden. He grew up in no body place.
Star Wars Movie - Ren - Kylo tells her that her parents were nobodies, drunks her sold her off as a child. But you are a somebody to me.
What Paul is saying is saying is that in Jesus, God makes nobodies, somebodies.
Paul not being anti-intellectual - He is just saying that we do not have to be powerful, smart by human standards in order for Christ to make us a part of his cherished family.
This gives us an attitude for living.

We are called to live humbly.

God’s Wisdom is that if you think you are somebody, you are not. You think to highly of yourself, but if you think you are nobody, then you are not, you think to lowly of yourself.
Living Humbly then is recognizing where our worth comes from - Not ourselves, but from Jesus
Living humbly means helping others see their worth - sharing the good news with others - Sharing the light.
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