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Apollo 13. We want our tasks, our mini missions to be successful. We get frustrated when they aren’t. When things go awry, when they fail. Main Point: Since the gospel is the only hope for a world that has been lost in sin, Jesus prays for his mission to have continued success.
Glory The hour for his glory has come.

This is referring not only to Christ’s death, but also his resurrection and ascension. ; . So he prays that he would be glorified which means the mission would be accomplished. Remember that Jesus left the glories of heaven to come hear and experience pain, suffering, rejection, and humiliation. This is not a selfish request. There is an end to this request. The glorification of the Son is the glorification of the Father. His glory is for a purpose The purpose is so He can glorify him in his mission. Jesus’s death and resurrection is so that the Father is clothed in radiant, Splendor. Jesus’ glorifying the Father is making him known. It is in accomplishing the Divine mission. He was sent by the Father to make Him known and to accomplish salvation Glory in being obedient to death, even death on the cross. () Glory in making Him Known (His Love/His Power) Glory in accomplishing our salvation The Father is glorified when we are brought to faith in the Son. Purpose is based on pre-temporal plan - he has been given all authority on the basis of his death and redemption. () This the 2nd half of v. 2 makes clear. This is according to God’s Will, His design, His plan. () We hate it when our plans get disrupted don’t we? Jesus coming to earth was not God’s plan B. Covenant of redemption. Purpose give eternal life- knowing God and Jesus Christ It is to know who God is (; Not mere belief in a supreme being Not being a good person and doing good deeds Not knowing facts about God It is intimate Difference between being an Abraham Lincoln scholar and knowing your spouse. Do you want to know God so you can love him more? Return to glory because His mission will be accomplished and he will have the glory with which he had before creation. - Undercover boss Application: What relevance does this first part of this high priestly prayer have for us? Jesus praying to be returned to glory? One thing I want to focus on is the power, and might, the authority and control that God has. Why is he worthy of glory and splendor, because of who he is, and part of that is that he is a God who is powerful, sovereign, one who is mighty to save. We see 2x’s Jesus referring to the pre-existent time where he was given authority based on his mission and a glory that he had. You see God had this plan long ago and he has the might and the right to accomplish it. How often do you get disappointed in God’s plan? Especially when it doesn’t go according to our plan. We must trust God in the midst of our pain and struggles because we believe he is powerful and good. That our suffering is not beyond his control and that because he is good, he will use it for his glory and our good. Easy to say, hard to walk through. If you are struggling with trusting in what God is doing, don’t keep it to yourself. Reach out to someone. A mature Xian and pray. Ask God to give you the trust you need. Keeping: Keeping them because they belong to the Father and the Son (v. 6) Called by God, This is part of God’s eternal plan to redeem a people for himself. Given to the Son I.e. Union with Christ (Hidden in Christ ) Keeping the Word - not law keeping Talking about believing the Gospel Creation/Fall/Redemption V. 7-8 Trusting that Jesus was from God and taught God’s truth. No difference between Jesus’ words and God’s Word. Even in the OT!!! (V. 11b) Keeping them in your name so they could continue their mission ( Keep them in full loyalty to you) Keep them in faithful allegiance to the truth) Kept in the name so they are one Believe the gospel. This transcends denominations, geography, cultures One in Mission. What is the Mission of the Church? Do you know what it is? Go, Make disciples. That should be the mission of every church, not converts, disciples. In the context of mission. (V. 12) Jesus Kept them/Guarded them in full loyalty In the name of the Father ( kept faithful) So that he would not lose any but one. () (V. 14) Keeping them in the World, but from the devil to ensure the success of the mission. (Offensive line protecting the quarterback) Kept in the world though they are hated They have been called out the World They are hated because of the gospel Sinners in need of salvation (humility) Salvation found only in Christ (exclusivity) (V. 15) Keep them from the evil one-The Devil Not by isolating (Bunker mentality) Not by fleeing (Asking God to take us away) Not by conforming (Well it can’t be that bad) Not by being taken out, but kept in the world so the Mission can continue by maintaining a witness V. 18 just as Jesus was sent on a mission, so his disciples are sent. It’s because of this divine protection that they can be assured success Means for keeping them successful on the mission Sanctified means to be set apart for a particular use (China for fine dining, vs. Paper plates and plastic wear) The disciples were to be sanctified, to be set apart for God’s use. They are to love what he loves and hate what he hates. The Truth…what is meant here by truth (Rev. Of God in the person The revelation of God in the person and work of Jesus Christ recorded in God’s Holy, infallible, and inerrant Word. This includes both OT and NT as the OT points forward to Christ and the NT points both back to Christ and forward to his return Jesus’ consecration, is their consecration He is set himself apart for the work he was about to do. Because of that, the disciples could be set apart for their work. Their mission. Just as the disciples were kept from falling, we too are kept. A helpful illustration that I read the other day gives a great picture of what this looks like Father and 3 year old son walking along a railroad track. With danger at hand the boys confidence in not in the strength his own grip, but that of His father’s. If you are in Christ, you are held by the Grip of the Father. He won’t let you go. Doesn’t that illicit even more wonder, praise, and affection for God. It also means that we are protected on our mission. Unity Unity and oneness so they may be in us. There is a greater end of our salvation than just having our sins forgiven. I want to minimize the importance of that. But Jesus is telling us that Believers will be in communion with God. We get to share in the love that God shares within himself. We are dependent on Him for life and fruit bearing in our own lives⁃ Righteousness, love, joy, holiness, and eventually glorification. Glorification, then, can be defined as the final, complete, and eternal enjoyment of perfect union with Christ, through which all the benefits of his person and work are fully, completely, and eternally realized in us, and by which we experience blessed fellowship with God forever. Though glorification is future, the glory here we have been given now. Glory is a term often used as a manifestation. () Glory is that just as Jesus has revealed the Father, so we we reveal who God is to the World. We, the church, are the embodiment of the revelation and redemption of Christ to the World. So we come one. One message, 1 body, 1, faith, 1 baptism. Unity so the World may know (v. 23) Sent - goal in telling others about this divine Mission that God the Father sent Jesus on. Loved - To be able to share in the love that that Father has for the Son. We see the mission is ongoing. The Lord commissioned the apostles and he commissions us to be unified in our mission to tell people about Jesus Christ so they can share in the love of God. This does not mean that we have to be uniform. First Baptist up the road is different than us, they have some different doctrine, and a different style. But we are united in our mission. Redemption, slightly different doctrine, different style, united in Mission. To let people know Jesus was sent. Unity in Christ (v.24) This really the end goal of our mission and of our unity. We are united to Christ. We are to abide in him. In doing so, we are united to each other as the church the body of Christ. But wait their is more, we will one day see the glory of Christ and be with Him. This has been the plan from the beginning, to have God’s presence with us. Immanuel, God with us. That he is our God and we are His people. () Unity in love and life The experience the love of God, and live in Christ.

What if we took Jesus’ prayer to heart. What if we swallowed our pride and prayerfully considered how God could use us to continue his mission? We have been given a mission, the church, you in the chair. You are called to tell others that Jesus has been sent. You have been called out of the world and into union with Christ, to share in his glory, to share in the love he has with the Father and to live out of that reality. Be on mission. Share the gospel with people. Talk to them, engage them, and tell them about their need for Jesus Christ. You have been called out of this world for a purpose. What is it? So you can go and make disciples. Will you go? Not over seas, not to a foreign land. But next door. Down the street. To those around you. Serve them, love them. But most of all tell them about Jesus.
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