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The Plan of God (2)

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17 The Plan of God
God’s plan and purpose are revealed in the Old Testament. Christ would come through the Jewish race. (See the genealogy of Christ in .) God’s ways are above our ways, but some day we will understand His perfect will. We know God’s way is best for us.

A. The People of God—vv.

1. Concern—vv. . Paul had a great sorrow for the Jews. Christ had this same sorrow—. His heart was broken as He wept over the city—.

2. Compassion—v. . Paul was willing to lose his salvation if it would save his people. Cf. ; .

3. Chosen—v. . “They are Jews and are the people God chose for Himself. He shared His shining greatness with them and gave them His Law and a way to worship. They have His promises”—NLT.

4. Christ—v. . Great spiritual leaders were forefathers of these Jewish people. Christ was of Jewish descent—; ; .

B. The Promises of God—vv.

1. Plan—v. . Not all Jews have a part in God’s plan and promises.

2. Promise—vv. . “Not all of Abraham’s family are children of God. God told Abraham, ‘Only the family of Isaac will be called your family’ (). This means that children born to Abraham are not all children of God. Only those that are born because of God’s promise to Abraham are His children”—NLT.

3. Prophecy—vv.

a) Supernatural—v. . The prophecy of a son to Abraham and Sarah was fulfilled as God promised—.

b) Scripture—vv. . Rebecca had two sons (Esau and Jacob). God knew what kind of men they would be before they were born.

c) Service—vv. . The elder would serve the younger—; , . Jacob represents God’s chosen people. Esau represents those not serving God.

C. The Plan of God—vv.

1. Purity—v. . Is God unfair? Of course not! He is righteous in all His dealings—.

2. Purpose—v. . “I will have lovingkindness and loving-pity for anyone I want to” (; NLT).

3. Personality—v. . God gives gifts or chooses people according to His foreknowledge and the yielding of the person.

4. Plan—v. . God used Pharaoh to carry out His work—.

5. Pleasure—v. . God’s will is above our understanding—.

The Christian life is a life of faith. We may not understand. We may question. But we must trust His Word, will and way. Great men of God were great because of their faith—. They didn’t understand, but they obeyed. God’s plan is best for you. Let Him work in your life.
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