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Jesus - An Undersold Miracle

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Mary packing for the journey - How do you pack for what you don’t know, what diapers do we bring? Size 1, what if he is late and huge, 2s? Jesus’ birth could mean Mary’s death. Researching midwives in Bethlehem.

Humble Beginnings

Tradesman and a Teenager for parents
Wrapped in strips of rough cloth
Born in a stable
The straw, hay, hair, poop
The bodies, the noises, the warmth
Laid in a feeding trough
Covered in saliva, wet?,
Joseph if he was home could have made something better
Jesus was born into a worse situation than if Mary had stayed home
God chose the humblest of beginnings for the most powerful of KIngs

Humble beginnings undersell the miraculous moment

Heaven came low - all of heaven responds in worship
When you surrender to Jesus, all heaven worships
The angles who celebrated Jesus’ birth celebrate the exact same when we surrender our lives to Jesus and are reborn
Jesus’ birth means our death
Death to our sin, our past wrongs, our shortcomings
Jesus’ humble birth, means a humble person might find heaven’s glory
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