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Psalm 90 Translation

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A prayer of Moses the man of God (Elohim). (O) Lord (Adonai) a dwelling-place You Yourself have been to us from [lit. in] generation to [lit. and] generation.
Before (the) mountains were born, and you brought forth earth and world, even from everlasting unto everlasting You (are) God. (EL)
You cause man (enosh) to turn back unto dust, and You say, “Return, sons of Adam.”
For a thousand years in your eyes like a day yesterday when it passes by, and a (night-)watch in the night.
You flood them away, sleep they are. (Gk & Sy interpret “sleep” [shenah] as “year” [shanah]; hence Brenton- Years shall be vanity to them.) (ESV, based on Heb.- You sweep them away as with a flood, they are like a dream.) In the morning like grass they are renewed.
In the morning he causes to blossom and he is renewed, to the evening he withers and dries up.
For we vanish away in Your anger, and in Your wrath we are dismayed.
You set all our iniquities before You, our secrets before the light of Your face.
For all our days come to an end in Your rage, our years are completed like a sigh.
The days of our years, they are seventy year(s), and if in strength eighty year(s), and their pride (is) trouble and disaster, they pass quickly and fly away.
Who knows the strength of Your anger, or Your fear Your rage.
Cause us to know (ESV teach us) to number our days, and bring us a heart of wisdom.
Return, O LORD, until when? And be merciful unto Your servants.
Satisfy us in the morning with Your steadfast love, and we shall rejoice and be glad in all our days.
Gladden us (for) as many days as You have afflicted us, years we have seen evil.
Show Your works to Your servants, and Your majesty unto their sons.
And be kind, O Lord our God, unto us, and the work of our hands establish upon us, yea, establish him the work of our hands.
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