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We’ve seen that:
12/17/17 |
Ryan. Welcome. Angel Tree,
(expensive: gomefund)
Presents. Christmas. Santa: Fickle. insecurity: How much naughtiness / niceness?
Have you ever seen a kid actually riddled with fear and insecurity? sad.
I wonder how many of us still have that scared little kid still living in us
INSECURE bc we think God treats us like Santa. Terrified we might slip up or sin,
and God will be disappointed or not love us or not let us into heaven.
we live with deep insecurity about God and ourselves, and our lives feel a lot
more like coal in a stocking than a gift under a tree. we feel worthless.
this morning, as we open God’s word, my hope is that we will see truth God has
given us and trust what He has said instead of how we feel or what we’ve heard.
this morning i hope our insecurity will be replaced with security.
let’s turn together to ….this is the last text of the chapter
ADVENTageous: benefits of Christ’s coming…see a few
Jesus came to give eternal security.
[Paul explains how.]
v. 31
what things? — context, for those who haven’t been here
first 8 chaps, chap 8 mostly
In Christ, I am free from condemnation.
In Christ, I have kept the righteous requirements of the law.
In Christ, I am led by the Spirit.
In Christ, I have been adopted into God’s family.
In Christ, I am a co-heir with Christ.
In Christ, I have received the Spirit as the guarantee of final redemption.
In Christ, my prayers are taken up by the Spirit and laid before God.
In Christ, I’ve been acquitted of all wrong.
In Christ, heaven’s so certain for me God speaks about it as if I’m already there.
Today: In Christ, I have eternal security in God’s love and of God’s love.
That last one is most likely what Paul is referencing.
In Christ, heaven’s so certain for me God speaks about it as if I’m already there.
So Paul asks about present.
God held us in the past, and God’s given us hope for the future.
What about the present? What are we to say or do about these truths now?
Why do we have to say anything to them?
Because we must respond to what God has said and done.
God’s word has implications for our lives.
God’s actions have implications for our lives.
Specifically, Paul knows God securing our future has implications for our lives right now, in the present. And they weren’t having the best time in the present. Paul knew they were and would suffer for following Jesus. He also knew living in a broken and sinful world isn’t rainbows and rose petals all the time.
[So what is his answer? What’s the conclusion that Paul comes to?]
If God is for us; who is against us?”
One of the most powerful statements in all of Scripture.
And it’s a truth that is consistent throughout all of Scripture.
Paul knows, there is no opposition that can stop or slow God down.
Something for you to know about how Paul is writing:
This “if” isn’t iffy.
In Greek:
If God is for us (and he is), who is against us?
We face opposition, but there is no opposition that stop God.
The text doesn’t say “God’s on our side and the opposing side is just as strong so watch out and be really careful. You can mess up and God can’t save you.”
God is the self-existent One and the sovereign Creator and, since He is for believers, no one can oppose believers successfully.
He’s wholly other than from creation. Distinct. Unmatched.
It hardly mentions opposition. Why?
Even those who oppose God end up making Him look more glorious and powerful. Job and Satan. God used him to make his point.
Egypt and the Exodus. God used them to flex His power.
Every country fighting against Israel. Ditto.
Herod killing babies. Didn’t get Jesus.
Jesus and anything. Flex.
Death of Jesus.
Satan was, and always is, headed for death;
God was, and still is, headed for resurrection. FLEX.
God is the GOAT, and He’s on your team. Your side. What fears can we even muster in the midst of that? A lot of them…that’s why Paul says something needs saying.
We still fear!
Life’s still hard.
We still suffer.
But we aren’t without help.
We’re not without hope for the future, so we’re not without help in the present.
God held us in the past,
God’s given us hope for the future,
and God helps us in the present.
[What does that help look like?]
Glad you asked.
v. 32
God’s favor is seen clearly here in the gifts He gave and gives.
God didn’t keep Jesus for Himself. He gave the best He had, what He cared most about.
If when we were sinners, God gave us His best, when we were at our worst, God gave us His best, now that we are God’s children, will He not give us all that we need?
Won’t He do it?
God buying a car but not filling it up with gas.
This other stuff? Freely given
WITH HIM” - entendre: along with him, but also THRU him. “in Christ”
not with you, or your help
God doesn’t help those who help themselves
[We’ve seen that:] We have security because God is for is.
We can trust that no opposition can come
[Paul transitions into a more legal setting, like a courtroom.]
[Next Point:] We have security because Jesus took our place.
v. 33
Satan brings them. Others bring them. We even bring them.
There are plenty of people who can bring accusations. And they’re true.
they aren’t false accusations…they just aren’t the full story.
[What is?]
There’s no condemnation, no ensuing punishment we have to fear.
I hate when people talk about me, not to me. personality, performance, character … indictments. hurtful. breeds insecurity in relationships and division.
we all hate it. we all do it, too. even if we try our hardest not to.
we say: “we are family” and “run to tension” and “go talk to them”
why do i bring this up?
God doesn’t do this. He’s consistent.
What he says to you is what he says about you.
You don’t have to be insecure about His thoughts toward you.
And, In Christ, He can give you security to help you
when insecurity in other relationships sets in.
The focus isn’t on the accusations; it’s on the judge.
God’s the judge, and the injured party. He alone can pardon.
Paul says, “only God can judge me.”
Doesn’t say that means people aren’t aloud to call you out when you’re sloppy.
Does mean God loves you when life, and when you, are at the sloppiest points.
Don’t try to hide your mess, or explain it away, or justify it.
Let Jesus love you through it into growth and maturity.
[How is it this is possible? Paul explains:]
Britt and jury duty
how can we count someone guilty when we’ve been let off?
We weren’t let off; Jesus took our place.
We have security because Jesus took our place.
Jesus doesn’t condemn; He took our condemnation (8:1).
We have security because Jesus took our place.
There’s no condemnation, no punishment to fear.
his death sin deserves punishment. Jesus took it.
his resurrection life, we get new life in Him
his seat at God’s right hand power
interceding for us and the Spirit
Jesus represents us before the throne of God; we don’t represent ourselves.
When you are in Jesus, all of heaven is pulling for you.
Spirit is in you, helping you.
and God’s putting all of His Godness into your good.
He’s molding you to look like Jesus,
and He’s going to take care of you…now and forever.
We can be confident in this…We can be secure.
[We know:]
We have security because God is for us.
No opposition can stop God.
We have security because Jesus took our place.
No condemnation, no punishment to fear.
We have security because God’s love is permanent.
No separation will ever come between God and us.
vv. 35-36
nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Christ’s love for us, not our love for him. THAT’S HUGE.
It is not your hold of Christ that saves you;
It is His hold of you.
It is not the efficacy of your believing in Him;
It is the efficacy of His blood, applied to you through the Spirit.
marital (1 cor 7; mt 19:6; mk 10:9)
leaving (acts 1:4; 18:1, 2)
apart (phm 1:5; heb 7:26)
root: without, apart from
You can be confident in this:
You will never be without Him, or apart from Him.
God will never walk out on you.
He will never fall outta love with you.
Blake said it best:
A love you can’t earn is a love you can’t lose.
No matter what you do or what happens to you,
if you’re in Jesus,
God will always be with you and He’ll always be for you.
We have security because God’s love is permanent.
No separation will ever come between God and us.
Paul then lists the worst possible things than can happen in life:
disasters, travesties (list them)
ends with death (by sword).
[And what’s Paul’s response]
v. 37
“all these things”
more than conquerors:
infinite victory.
prevail completely
defeat surpassingly
“loved us.”
isn’t past tense.
when it was most fully displayed.
It is the love of Christ that supports and enables the believer to face adversity and to conquer it.
Christians are not grim stoics who manage to muddle through somehow.
They are victors who have found from experience that God is ever present in their trials and that the love of Christ will empower them to overcome all the obstacles of life.
[Paul continues by explaining just how infinite this victory is]
v. 38-39
Paul’s practicing what he’s preaching!
He’s persuaded, convinced, trusting, assured
I have been persuaded
Throughout this passage, Paul’s goal is to exhaust any and every objection.
Last list was things. This list is Spectrums. | Last list ended in death; this one begins with it.
Both lists are part of the “all things” God’s using to bring about His good in your life in 8:28.
This is the stuff that would typically make us question God’s love for us.
These are the trials and tough times that trip us up and have us wondering
if God’s forgotten about us, abandoned us, left us, mad at us.
These are the things that make us feel insecure.
He uses these things to strengthen us, to grow us, to make us more secure in Him and His love than we are in the world. When we walk with Jesus, we learn to allow these things to
push us to God instead of from Him.
How do you know, Ryan? You don’t know my struggle. You don’t know my pain.
I don’t, but I know the God-man Jesus who came to earth, existed in the mess,
lived perfectly, took on accusations, took on beating, took on a cross, and,
most importantly, took the punishment you + I deserve for our sin + sloppiness,
to SECURE you in His love, not to SEPARATE you from it.
If the Father didn’t leave Jesus when He went through suffering +
persecution, what logic leads you to believe He’s going to leave you?!
Jesus told us there would be trouble in the world. But He overcame the world.
OVERCAME is the same root as 8:37.
You don’t have to beat the world, don’t have to flex, don’t have to overcome.
All you have to do is be held by the One who overcame.
[And we can be sure there will be suffering.]
ps 44:22 = God’s people have always suffered. you aren’t alone.
it’s a gift! = john 15; acts 5; phil 1:29; 2 tim 3:12
^we get to know and need Jesus.
“created thing”
We have security because God’s love is permanent.
No separation will ever come between God and us.
not even you
don’t forget where the love is…it’s “in Christ Jesus”…our Lord.
We have security because God is for us.
No opposition will ever stop God.
We have security because Jesus took our place.
No condemnation, no punishment to fear.
We have security because God’s love is permanent.
No separation will ever come between God and us.
Xmas morning you can wake up rested, knowing that you might be on Santa’s naughty list, but in Christ you’re in God’s good graces, forever. NOTHING can separate you.
This truth begins to transform you.
It is true that life contains its full share of hardships (v. 18).
But God is at work in all circumstances of life to conform those whom he has chosen into the likeness of his Son. Nothing will stop Him or separate you. We have security.
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