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Yes. Yes.

Yeah. Yeah, God keep our land glorious and free. It's if it's still in our national anthem. Maybe Wednesday take that out then maybe we're really hopeless, but the fact is as long as that's in there. God keep our land glorious and free if you could put up that date. That one there. So just a bit of a background as I showed you the walls and I just want to give a little bit of history of the book at the book of Nehemiah. The the walls around Nehemiah red. Can you just come up for a second? Simon says I always use props what I do just just take that per sec.

Okay, I just trying to think.

So that's effect a word. AP Tech, okay Or for the younger generation two and a half meters. It was some. I got to take I like he's got to keep taking my glasses off so I can read them as high or roughly 40 feet high. So that's that's the walls and was two and a half miles around the city. That's basically the dimensions. So what happens is Nehemiah is in Exile ease in Persia summons brings the report to him as about the condition of his beloved City Jerusalem that the walls have been all torn down the gates have been burned. So he gets permission from the King that he was the King's cupbearer and he was the guy that he drank the wine and he ate the food first just in case someone who tried to poison the king or kill the king he would do it so he became a very close and trusted friend and that's why when he ask the king for permission to rebuild. So when you look at that, I mean that's a mess, isn't it? And so the whole city walls are like that. He needs a miracle.

God says to you Are the balls of your life turn down like that? other things in your life Are you back against the wall that little bit did it came to me Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and All the King's Men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. You could be here today. Your health is broken. Your mind is broken. Your spirit is broken. the walls of your life relationships or broken But Jesus wants to put them back together. Just like me Nehemiah needed a miracle if you need a miracle, you still believe that God is a god of Miracles.

I do I really do that. He's the same yesterday today and forever and if you need a miracle in your life.

Hemp wraps is the day that you'll receive that.

God wants to encourages kids today. He loves you. He loves you with a passion.

And if we're honest with ourselves, even as God's children attend reiterating what I just said, sometimes it's a wall of prayer. Sometimes it's a wall of personal Bible study. Sometimes it's just that close relationship with Jesus at his left you

You know church can become an obstacle. In your walk with God. You really can't give me get so caught up. In ministering to others or so. Get caught up in church.

Did you lose that intimate relationship with Jesus? So instead of ministering to God your ministry for God. Remember what you said to Martha you're careful and troubled about many many things. But Mary has chosen that good part. She just simply wanted to wait at the feet of Jesus. Are primary Ministry should always be to the Lord.

That sucked came to me or that song came to me. If that's where you're at today.

Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary.

Your and holy tried-and-true Thanksgiving heavy.

Are you let's sing it again. Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary you're and holy tried-and-true.

Or you put that scripture up there? chapter 2

so he goes and he examines the walls.

And then it says in Nehemiah chapter 2 beginning at Verse 18. I also told them about the gracious hand of my God upon me and what the king and said to me they replied let us start rebuilding. So they began the good work, but when Sabbath sanballat their whole raw night to buy the ammonite official and yes shame they are of heard about it. They mocked and ridiculous. What is this you are doing. Are you rebelling against the king? I answered them by saying the god of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding but as for you, you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it. God will give us access. Read said that when he was the song about the fact that he that has begun a good work in us will finish up until the day of Jesus Christ. That's the whole that we have is God's children sure. We may not be what we'd like to be. But thank God. We're not what we used to God is at work. God is at work. And I said, he's in work in office as the church. Like I said, Pastor Keith wanted me to Simply share on. Individually and you know where you're at individually I can't judge you and you know yourself where you are in your face walk. But your walk with the Lord is going to take time and it's going to take discipline. That daily walk of taking up your cross denying yourself taking time to be holy only you can determine how close a walk. Did you want with the Lord? Remember Peter James and John? This Inner Circle as it were. And yet John the Beloved who leaned on Jesus breast. The one that was called John the Beloved and someone said the reason why he was called The Beloved because he was always telling Jesus how much you loved him until Jesus return them and say John. I love you, too. And that's the kind of relationship that God wants us to have with him that personal relationship. It's a long relationship.

It says work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It doesn't say work for you. Whisper in Tron legacy free gift, isn't it?

the chicken and the pig we're standing outside a restaurant.

And they saw this guy eating ham and eggs. So they started arguing as to who would make the greatest sacrifice in order for this.

Man to enjoy his breakfast.

So the chicken said, you know all of that exercise that I have to go through the lay those eggs. the squirming and grunting me

And the pig said to him, you're right you really do you have to go through a lot. But for me, it would be total commitment.

UCC Church Life And I'm talking about. Church church life is commitment.

Do a vision or a dream that God has given those entrusted with leadership.

Chapter 3 explains all the different families that were involved in rebuilding the different. City gates in walls in I don't know how to emphasize this anymore than I can you are family. You're my family.

and you're closer to me than my own flesh and blood family really because

my baby sister, there's 20 years between us and she's a pastor's wife up in Ontario. So only hurt and I can connect about spiritual things. But the rest of my brothers and sisters, they're not Christians. They've not given their life to Christ. They don't understand spiritual things. You are my family.

Anthro chapter 3 explains all the different families that were involved in rebuilding the different city gates in walls. You are the family of God bought with the precious blood of Jesus. You are Sons and Daughters of the most high God and that you have value and you're a very important part of this church. No matter how young or old you are. I've asked Liz to come up and read Romans chapter 12 verse 3 tonight.

I want to get as many people involved in this message today because I'm sold on buddy Ministry. I mean we all have a part to play. Okay, I'm going to read from the national going to be up there.

So I'm reading from Romans chapter 12 from starting from West 1st Street, and it says and because of God's gracious gift to me. I say to everyone of you do not think of yourself more highly than you should instead be modest in your thinking enjoyed yourself. According to the amount of faith that God has given you we have many parts in the one body in all these parts have different functions in the same way though. We are many we are one body in Union with Christ and we're all joined to each other is different parts of one body. So we are to use or different gifts in accordance with the grace that God has given us if all gift his to speak God's message. We should do it according to the faith that we have if it is to serve we should serve if it is to teach we should teach if it is to encourage others we should do. So whoever shares with others should do it generously and whoever has Authority should work hard whoever shows kindness to others should do it carefully and that was up to verse 8.

Goes on to say love must be completely sincere hate. What is evil and hold on to what a man? Hey, man. Hey man, I can ask Kenny to read it. Thank you. I've asked Kenny to read a verse of scripture as well.

Just reading some of the first book of Corinthians chapter 12.

yes, the boy has many different parts not just one part is a foot says I am not part of the body because I'm not an ant That does not make it any less part of the white. If you say I am The Purge way because I'm not tonight. That make it any less perverted.

If the whole body were not how would you here? What's your whole body were?

Thanks, man. a man a man

I got a little finger. As you can see, it's all Bantam Christie.

Happened during when I was playing basketball. They never healed properly.

I'm not going to cut that finger off.

Yes, because it's all. twisted you still as a part of my body?

And the least of the brethren? Has an important part. I guess body.

You say just like me and Maya station families on the wall. God has placed each and every one of us here at mosaic. Everyone else a gift the talent and ability personality given by God and he wants you to use your gifts. The bless your brothers and sisters in Christ. Maybe it's just a hug.

Some of you are a good huggers.

But you don't know when someone comes to the door that this church, what kind of a week they've had.

And sometimes all that hug was needed to reassure them that they are loved that their loved by God in their loved. by you Being Arms of Jesus to a hurting synced. Maybe that's just a little finger. But that's just as valuable. As a man who preaches or teaches or nothing Pastor greet will agree with that.

A card sent at the right time a phone call. Pastor wozny used to have a Ministry called estan encourage someone today Network. That's all it takes. You just don't know.

And I know sometimes you think well, I'm not the pastor. I'm not a Sunday school teacher or I'm not up there leading worship. What do you may not be? But you're just as important. If you're sending out cards or making phone calls or sending out emails. Or whatever. See what I found off in the greatest gift of the body of Christ as simple your willingness to be used no matter what it is you're doing.

And that's all God is looking for you. Are you willing Lake George Jeffrey preached talking to Moses? What's that in your hand? But that stick you led 2 million people are so out of bondage in Egypt or what's that in your hand?

I reiterate that question. What do you have maybe that nobody else has within this body?

so even if it's just praying we need Watchman on the wall there people are here to aren't here today because they can't be here because of the mobility issues yet, if their Ministries at home praying for your pastor and praying for this church in that role is important and when you see it's easy to criticize

loose lips sink ships or someone.

And here's something you may know or may not already know. Your pastor walks around with a bull's-eye on his back.

And the devil is just ready to shoot it.

No. I don't need any saint shooting at him.

The preachers usually have two or three main points that they want to go to Clough to the congregation.

What you think God is saying today? Just children. .1. I don't know. If I'mma 1.2.3 Point frigerator. I really don't know but a few points that I think the Holy Spirit wants to get across. First you were passionately and unconditionally loved by God. There is nothing you can do to earn it. It's a free gift and if you get a chance look up in the dictionary what free

so often when we give gifts to her kids.

What's attached to this? What's what's behind it, right?

Salvation is a free gift. We haven't learned that they don't deserve it. All God wants us to say yes. Thank you for it, right.

And part of that is that God has no favorites here.

He doesn't know Pastor Keith any more than he loves Shawn in The Sound Room rate doesn't love reg anymore than he loves Jeanette sitting over at the table that we have to understand that that we are Sam. There are no Superstars here. God has no favorite.

Everyone is precious in His sight of extreme value. God does not make junk you've heard that one before.

but we are all at different stages are levels of golden are Christian walking you mentioned that in the sense. So I sold or Christians have the responsibility to take care of the younger Christians so that they to get to that place where they are leading us. What is in an actual family. You have your older brothers and sisters they take care of the other first point. Is that your precious you're special? You're the apple of his eye you may not feel like it at times you meet you may feel like I did this week like Derek, but you know just the kind of week. I had to start it off Graden. Is it started the week and if I had gone by how I felt I wouldn't be here today. But we walk by faith and not by sight. 2.2 as a question Why is the local church necessary what value does it start? What value does Mosaic which we know is only a name for Revenue Canada purposes anyway.

Why do we get together on Wednesdays and Sundays and never how often we meet? They're Believers meeting all over the world today. Summit beautiful Stone oedipus's Summit tarpaper Shacks Some under a tree in Africa somewhere where they don't have a building sunshine or in an in an underground Hideaway somewhere. So the church really is not a building it. Not this where you and I are the church. We are the church. God's Blood Washed Saints

She still might have said.

That God wants to use the local church. the bless the world

he has entrusted us what the message. A reconciling man and God back together again.

And often he uses the local church to bring people in and make disciples. most often in a church setting

When you read the book of Nehemiah, like I've already mentioned it's a book of ongoing struggle to build a wall with daily opposition and ridicule from their enemies, but the miracle of it was this seemingly impossible task know if I showed you the wall tape Peak dick 40 feet high. It's amazing or the seemingly impossible task.

Was completed in 52 days.

Why was it done? How was it done? Just got you said it was done because the people had a mind to work.

The people had a mind to set all of their personal preferences aside and said, let's get this job done. They got behind their work. They put their hand to the plow is it word and they never look back and they never look to the left or they never looked to the to the right.

And everybody knew their place on the wall. Do you know your place in the body of Christ at mosaic?

Liz mentioned some of the gifts were there, I know there were many other gifts that may not be listed at work. We all have a gift. We all have a talent. We all have abilities. Driving people to church as a gift. Driving people home after church as a gift.

Anything that shearing Lee may not be visible is a gift as a talent as long as it's being used to minister to the body of Christ.

Gracias. Thank you. Everyone who is helping here? But I think he wants us to send out the Macedonian call. Come and help us.

Is the fields are still like to harvest and the laborers are few. We need workers.

In order for the wall. In order for this work to continue and to continue to grow.

We need workers Sean. Does Nehemiah chapter 4 1314 up there?

Play placed arm guard behind the lowest parts of the wall in the exposed area is iStation two people to stand. Guided by families Iron II swords and Spears and Bowles But everybody who got a bulletin you can see that on the front of your Bulletin.

Is any of you ever seen a a war movie? Is any better you watch war movies you seen war movies?

One of the things you'll see in a war. Movie is a war room.

Is using that room that set aside. What do you see? men and women working together trying to plot or out plot of guess. the enemy strategies

to the church is a warm. I don't know if you realize it or not, but things happen in spiritual Realms when we get together.

You might come in here. You might be depressed. You might be oppressed. You might be suppressed. Whatever. But I'd be awful surprised after praise and worship. You're still the same. Why we're not fighting Flesh and Blood were fighting principalities would fighting Powers were fighting spiritual wickedness in high places. And so the church is the place that God has set aside where we can come together and do battle and do Warfare.

Do to fight that enemy out there that has been harassing us in a ringing Us in buffeting. Is he giving us trouble all week and tripping this up and getting in our face to whatever so

and so are you fighting for your brothers and sisters in Christ? Can you put that picture up there Sean of them on the wall? Again, do you see them?

What happens when you got those Folks up there with Spears? You got them? What arrows in M&M bows and arrows?

That's what prayer is prayer is Warfare. Pulling down strongholds arguments that fight against us.

And so just as they were plotting to a Gasser, I'm smart the enemy. That's that's what the church is for. Pray one for another the Bible sister that you might be healed. Every time I I can almost guarantee it that every time we come together as a church corporately. things happen Sometimes God's presence. There's a lot more maybe rich in her services, but he's whether we feel him or not. The holy spirit is still. still here

This is a box.

In it are the names. So far, I want to save family members. If you want to put your unsaved family member in there. Remember When Joshua said the ray have if you tie a scarlet cord. down the wall of the city of Jericho that when we go around and God has given us Victory when we see that Starlet cord then you and your family will be saved.

A man acts 16:31 believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in your household. And so

and this is personal.

as much as I believe in reaching people outside of this building and outside of mosaic my priority is your unsafe family members. Give me this is my Jerusalem.

It begins here first. It begins with us really getting behind and getting supporting Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have family members who are not serving the lord and praying for them and seeking God and their behalf then out. There is my Judea.

Cuba maybe, it's my Samaria.

The other most parts of the earth might be where Liz's mom is in the Zimbabwe and has that work over there and N Roll, but you understand this is in your Jerusalem your Judea. Nordstrom area and even to the other most parts of the Arts and I'll leave that up to you where you think you're just so amazing.

The God wants to encourage his people today. You really does. You are precious in His sight. And he loves you with a passion and I love you with a passion and I want to do everything I can to serve the body of Christ as long as God wants me here. Who will ever let me wash their feet will ever let me serve them. Whoever let me disciple in. And I pray that she attitude that we have corporately. Towards each other song Sean. Is there a song there that I'd asked past we could all stand. And I'm saying this before Liz comes.

Amen, hallelujah, praise God you may be seated.

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